1. Cloud Denton's Avatar
    Hi all, new to the forum and just thought I'd introduce myself. Just brought a Nokia Lumia 520 (kinda unsure about it but early days), 28 from New Zealand and work in IT support.
    05-24-2013 03:05 AM
  2. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Hi Cloud Denton, welcome aboard here at WP central forums. Hope you're enjoying the 520 Lumia it sounds like a great phone, remember if you have any questions regarding the OS just post in your area of interest. We have a new section under Windows phone 8 for newbie's tips and tricks check it out.
    05-24-2013 05:46 AM
  3. bozza72's Avatar
    Welcome bro, some cool apps for us kiwi's stuff has a good app also super 15 app (paid) is awesome
    Hope you enjoy your Lumia
    05-24-2013 05:53 AM
  4. 12Danny123's Avatar
    Omg an nzder. GO KIWI'S!!!
    05-24-2013 05:57 AM
  5. Cloud Denton's Avatar
    Cheers guys.
    05-28-2013 05:38 AM
  6. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Welcome to WPC and strangely enough I work in IT support as well.
    05-28-2013 05:56 AM
  7. montsa007's Avatar
    Welcome pal, I kinda love your avatar already.
    05-28-2013 06:16 AM

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