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    I have switched from a Mac to Windows everything a PC, Outlook email account, Windows phone, xbox music and I am very satisfied. I actually prefer the xbox music experience over iTunes, visually it's so much richer and does the same job plus I get free streaming on my PC. I love Nokia Music with free streaming on my phone and offline storage of that service, I've had 3 Windows phones now and have no plans on using anything else. Love them! Plus on the email end I prefer not having Google interfere so heavily, their tracking and ads are quite annoying. I never really notice the minimal outlook ads, they are very background. I read somewhere that Google tracks your activity so well that individuals doing a google search will get different results based on your general activity. That is to say if I type in the very same search as someone else we will most likely get different results. Not so crazy about this fact. Maybe It's just wishful thinking but I have the impression that Microsoft respects my privacy more the Google does.
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    And so it begins...

    Nokia Lumia 920 in White ordered from Tesco for a bargainous 230:
    Buy SIM Free Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 White from our SIM Free Phones range - Tesco.com

    I had wanted a grey one, but the cheapest one I could find was 100 more than the white, and no colour is worth paying 100 more for!

    A Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate for electric toothbrush-style no-need-to-plug-anything-into-the-phone charging:
    Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate for Lumia 820: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    A few official Nokia CC-1043 "back and sides" skins in various colours:
    Amazon.co.uk: nokia cc-1043

    And a cheap "total coverage" neoprene sleeve:

    I also bought a LAYEN i-DOCK dock-to-bluetooth-3.0 adaptor as an alternative to AirPlay to my speaker dock:

    Should all be here on Friday - I'll let you know first impressions etc. then next month will be time to get a Surface 2.

    I've already switched my e-mail account over to Outlook.com in preparation - so far so good!
    10-02-2013 06:12 PM
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    I did the same switch last November when WP8 launched and couldn't be happier. Make sure you download the PlayTo app on your phone (go online to Nokia Beta labs and register). The integration is pretty good now, but will be a lot better in a few months with the 8.1 upgrades and XB1.
    10-02-2013 06:55 PM
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    are 920 owners missing a lot when it comes to screen quality compared to the 925? how far is the black level of amoled 925 against 920 IPS LCD display? is it even noticeable?
    10-02-2013 10:42 PM
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    It's here!

    First impressions:

    • Looks and feels lovely
    • Not as heavy as the reviews made it sound - it is about 50% heavier than my iPhone 5 but I quite like that; I was disappointed when I moved from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 at how light the 5 was - heavier feels more premium in my opinion. I also won't have the "****wheresmyphone" panic with the 920!
    • Not as big as the reviews made it sound - I like the bigger screen a lot
    • Screen, while not "retina"/1080P is beautiful - resolution is more than adequate, viewing angles excellent, colours are lovely
    • OS is *really* slick and responsive
    • Setup was a doddle - all connected up to SkyDrive, Outlook e-mail, Twitter, Facebook etc in minutes

    So far - very positive.
    10-05-2013 01:14 PM
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    Big, big difference in black levels from ips to amoled. amoled makes it really pitch black and makes the tiles seem to float more. ips black levels are more really dark grey.
    10-05-2013 01:40 PM
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    Updated to firmware 3047.0000.1326.2007 / OS 8.0.10328.78.

    Annoyances so far:
    • One volume setting applies to everything - I will miss the "Do Not Disturb" physical switch of the iPhone 5 to silence all notifications (calls, texts, emails etc). Also, if you're listening to music quietly, for instance - and don't remember to crank the volume back up before bed, the alarm will sound at the same volume you were playing your music at. Alternatively, if you crank your volume up for alarm purposes, if anyone rings you or you get a notification at stupid o'clock, you'll know about it! (Unless you manually go into settings and silence those notifications manually, or leave your notification settings alone and simply put the phone in Airplane Mode to prevent notifications from occurring in the first place).
    • YouTube app is borked (can't really blame MS for this) - a shortcut to the website works fine, though so no biggie.
    • Facebook app (latest version 5.1) is pants - but the built-in People hub satisfies most of my Facebook requirements (of just having a peek to see what people are talking about recently) nicely. Laggy as **** and can't opt out of Chat. Again, visiting the actual website is the better option.
    • No way to close individual apps - you can repeatedly hit the back button to shut down everything that's running, or hold down the back button to see what's running but you can't choose a specific app to shut.
    • No built-in way of having battery percentage shown anywhere either in the status bar at the top, on a live tile or on the lock screen. There are bonky third-party apps, but they can only update every 30 minutes (WP8 limitation) so not massively useful.
    • No way of choosing which people you want to see updates from on the People hub - you can choose to get everything from all your Facebook/Twitter connections, or none at all. I'd like to be able to select a handful of people I actually want to be kept up to date with and filter out some of the noise.

    • Live Tiles - much more useful than static icons, although they can only update every 30 minutes; I imagine this is for battery conservation reasons. Realistically, half-hourly 'pull' updates is adequate for everything except battery which really needs to be realtime. 'Push' updates are instantaneous obviously (e-mail, for example).
    • OneNote is all kinds of awesome if you like to get stuff out of your head and into a digital notebook of some sort, which is then accessible from anything with an internet connection.
    • SkyDrive is genuinely brilliant; although I wish you could link directly to photos for embedding in forums rather than having to link through to the SkyDrive site or via a bonky <iframe> tag.
    • Web browser is fast and responsive; lack of native apps is not a problem as the full websites are brilliant on the large screen.
    • Built-in basic Office is a nice touch - can bosh up a quick Excel spreadsheet with graphs and all sorts, then pick up where you left off via SkyDrive on your PC.
    • Daily Bing photo on lock screen - I use Bing Desktop on Windows to update my desktop wallpaper every day automatically; I like the synergy between WP8 and Windows 8 on the PC.
    • Double-tap screen to wake phone.
    • Flip to silence - you can silence an incoming call by placing the phone face down.
    • Proper, dedicated two-stage camera shutter button.

    So, 48-ish hours in - loving it overall. :)
    10-07-2013 07:32 AM
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    For a YouTube app try MetroTube. It's better than any first party YouTube app I have ever seen.

    For opting out of chat, I'm not sure if you mean the Facebook app or the People hub app. You can opt out of Facebook chat on the People hub by opening the messaging app (same app that SMS text messages go through) and swiping over to the "online" page.

    Closing of individual apps is coming in the next couple months with the GDR3 update if I'm not mistaken.
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    10-08-2013 11:14 PM
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    OK, having spent a few days living with Windows Phone, I have to say I love it.

    • Wireless charging - not sure how I lived without this. Plonk the phone down on a Qi-standard wireless charging pad and it charges up, no faffing about. The official Nokia wireless charging STAND (not the pad) is also NFC enabled so you can choose to perform a specific action or open a specific app when the phone detects it's been put on the charging mat.
    • Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn deep integration across the OS - really no need for separate apps. If you want to share a photo, including tagging people, you can do that straight from the built-in camera/photos app. If you want to update your status across multiple services, you can do so from the People hub in one hit. You can comment/like on other people's updates. The people hub is brilliant, all in all.
    • Built-in camera app lets you do some pretty cool stuff like taking multiple shots in quick succession and choosing the best one, or swapping faces/picking the best smiles from multiple exposures, or even funky time-lapse effects and removing unwanted objects:
    • So easy to get stuff on and off the phone. I've pulled my hair out trying to get stuff on/off iOS devices before - no such worries with Windows Phone; it's all drag and drop or boshed over via the cloud. You can even install apps remotely via the Windows App store. Find the app you want, push it to your device - sorted.
    • Built-in (practically)-Global Sat Nav is more than enough for most; could do with speed camera alerts, traffic alerts and lane control - but it will get you from A to B pleasantly. I opted to download the UK maps to the device - around 230mb; not sure if this is mandatory - I got the impression it would work without downloading the whole map if you have a decent data connection (would definitely need to download beforehand if going abroad obviously). Seems pretty up-to-date. Works. Free of charge - comes with the phone.
    • ALL apps from the Windows Phone App store are free to try for a period of time (typically 7-10 days) so you can try them out before deciding whether it's worth that quid or whatever.
    • Insider Pro app - this addresses some of my previous niggles; allows you to put tile shortcuts on your home screen to display battery % or things like turn the LED flash on/off, bluetooth on/off, airplane mode, location services etc, and also has some really cool battery usage tracking and other geeky stuff, which you can also display on a tile:
      Insider Pro | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
    • MetroTube app is fantastic - as well as actually working, unlike the 'official' YouTube app, you can also queue/download videos for offline viewing; pretty cool:
      Metrotube | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
    • 2Day app is also fantastic - if you're into GTD, this is for you:
      2Day | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
    • NextGen RSS feed reader (via Feedly) does the job nicely:
      Nextgen Reader | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
    • 'Back' button from wherever you are in the OS - bit difficult to describe, this; but it's like the back button on your web browser but for the entire mobile OS. So if I open my e-mail, then drop back to the main screen and open the web browser then go into settings - I can hit the back button and it will take me back to the web browser, then if I hit back again it will take me back to the e-mail app, exactly where I was when I closed it. Very cool.
    • 'Search' button from wherever you are in the OS - it's pretty awesome being able to do a web search from wherever you are in the OS. The information returned from Bing (you can choose other search engines) is pretty cool too.
    • Call quality is excellent - both in normal and speakerphone mode. People sound beautifully clear and they can hear me well too.
    • Nokia Music app is a nice touch - free music; you can't really choose what gets played, but you can download predefined 'mixes' for offline playing, free of charge. I imagine if you pay the 3.99 a month to upgrade, you get a bit more control.
    • Nokia 'Transfer My Data' app - pulled in all my contact information from the iPhone via bluetooth quickly, and spot-on first time.

    App availability/alternatives:
    • Skype - official
    • WhatsApp - official
    • Facebook - official
    • Twitter - official
    • Instagram - no official app, 6tag is supposedly the best; seems to work nicely:
      6tag | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
    • Foursquare - official
    • LinkedIn - official
    • Netflix - official
    • Spotify - official
    • YouTube - official but borked; MetroTube trounces all other YouTube apps I've seen:
      Metrotube | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
    • TV Catchup - official
    • BBC Radio - official
    • BBC iPlayer - official
    • Amazon Kindle - official
    • Amazon Mobile - official
    • eBay - official
    • PayPal - official
    • Tapatalk - official
    • TripAdvisor - official
    • Groupon - official

    • Built-in speaker doesn't sound as refined as the iPhone for music, but works marvellously for speakerphone. It's clearly been tuned for typical speech frequencies rather than bangin' choons. Not really an issue for me, but thought I'd mention it.
    • Having become accustomed and spoilt by the iPhone 5 lightning connector, actually having to look at the orientation of the micro-USB cable before plugging it in to transfer files over or whatever seems a bit of a faff. Of course, it's not a faff at all - I've just become lazy. Wireless charging/ability to get stuff on/off the phone via SkyDrive means I won't have to plug anything in very often anyway. Just as well as the Micro-USB socket doesn't feel all that sturdy, certainly not as satisfying as the lightning connector, probably won't stand the test of time.
    • No built-in countdown timer - I often used Siri on the iPhone to set a countdown timer for, say 5 minutes or whatever. I've found a workable solution with Insider Pro, which can put a countdown timer tile on your home screen - works fine. Better than what I was using before, actually - as you can have voice prompts every minute of the countdown while the phone is locked and the screen is off, which is handy.
    • Xbox Music service is horrific; it's got a great selection, looks pretty, plays music fine - but its playlist implementation is completely borked. You can make playlists on the Win8 Music app, or via the Xbox Music website, but they don't get synced between each other (well, the playlist name appears, but the songs don't make it across) - it's just hugely frustrating. Luckily, there's a native Spotify app, so it's not the end of the world. Does kind of break my 'all Microsoft' experiment - but Xbox Music is broken such that I can't use it at this time.
    • There are some gems on the app store, but trying to find them is a chore on the phone itself. Much easier via the Windows Phone App Store website. Slightly redeemed by the fact that when you find something that fits the bill you can push it to your phone via the website, and everything is free to try for a period of time meaning it doesn't cost you to try out and discard the lemons.
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    10-09-2013 02:51 AM
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    Updated to firmware 3047.0000.1326.2007 / OS 8.0.10328.78.

    Annoyances so far:
    [list[*]No way of choosing which people you want to see updates from on the People hub - you can choose to get everything from all your Facebook/Twitter connections, or none at all. I'd like to be able to select a handful of people I actually want to be kept up to date with and filter out some of the noise.[/list]
    So, 48-ish hours in - loving it overall. :)
    Make a group in people's hub (swipe around). then add those people to the group. then you should be able to go into the group and swipe to what's new? and get info only from them.
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    10-13-2013 11:32 AM
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    Hey, OP, any more thoughts/updates since your last post? I am currently a Z10 user and I think I know what I would miss by switching to WP8 but I am tempted to try the 928. I would miss the ability of having "phone calls only" when I plugged in the phone at night, volume controls for multiple items, and closing individual apps. I like the Zed 10 but WP8 is peaking my interest...
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    10-25-2013 08:09 PM
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    Hey, OP, any more thoughts/updates since your last post? I am currently a Z10 user and I think I know what I would miss by switching to WP8 but I am tempted to try the 928. I would miss the ability of having "phone calls only" when I plugged in the phone at night, volume controls for multiple items, and closing individual apps. I like the Zed 10 but WP8 is peaking my interest...
    Nothing more to report, really - I think I covered it all above.

    I've had the phone for 3 weeks now - and have very few, if any, complaints. I'm still holding off making any judgements on battery life because I'm using it far more than I used my iPhone so although I run it down to about 30% towards the end of the day, I suspect that's because it's still a new toy and that will level out over time. I've not yet exhausted the battery during the course of a day.

    I've also not yet been awoken by any noises from the phone overnight, so my "one volume setting for everything" complaint has not yet been a problem.

    You will be able to close individual apps when the latest GDR3 update is rolled out (or sooner if you want to install it manually yourself - I'll wait until the official rollout as my phone is brand new so I don't want to do anything that might affect the warranty). I'd forgotten I was annoyed about this, actually - I've overcome my app-closing OCD and just let the OS get on with it; not had any random crashes or slowdowns from having too many apps open - it seems to manage itself fine.

    Overall, I'm much happier with Windows Phone than I was iOS.
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    10-26-2013 11:48 AM
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    I've just done a similar thing - I've always been a Microsoft developer, and over the years became more and more frustrated with the poor quality windows laptops on the market, and the crapware I had to spend hours uninstalling - which used to drive me bonkers. I ended up spending 2400 on a top of the range Dell and couldn't have been more disappointed with the build quality and, yes - more crapware. In my frustration I purchased a MacBook Pro to run Windows via bootcamp - and it was just fantastic, and I decided then it was apple laptops all the way. Having been seduced by Apples great hardware it wasn't long before I had iPads and iPhones, and was an apple only guy.

    Because I write Windows software, I had always been keeping half an eye on the Microsoft marketplace, and over the last year or so it has made me very excited. I was trying to use my Mac to try and re-invent myself as an IOS developer, then thought No! why not jump ship to Windows and write software for that platform. I've spent the last 6 years writing windows WPF/Silverlight apps which are the predecessors of Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, so things couldnt be easier !

    Ive just sold all my apple kit on ebay, and now have a Surface Pro 2, and a Lumia 625, and couldnt possibly be any happier. The umia 625 was under 200 which is completely incredible for such a great bit of kit.

    You wont regret switching from apple to microsoft - Im certainly very happy
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    11-04-2013 01:46 PM
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    I'm over the moon so far; with both the OS and the phone itself. The Lumia 920 in white always turns heads. I get someone come up almost every day asking something along the lines of, "Wow - what's that; looks awesome!"
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    11-04-2013 02:31 PM
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    OK, had a Windows Phone for over a month now. The Nokia Lumia 920 is the best phone I've ever had - I'm completely sold on Windows Phone OS. I don't miss the iPhone at all.

    Only news is I bought one of these Nokia DC-16 portable battery chargers:


    I had a particularly heavy day out and about with lots of calls / Skype etc, and managed to get down to around 20% by about 3pm having come off charge at around 6am; thought it might be a good idea to have a backup so I don't get caught short in future.

    Just waiting for the 2520 to come out and I'll report back on how I get on with a Microsoft tablet instead of my iPad.

    If you haven't checked the 2520 out yet, I think it's going to be awesome! Take a look over here:
    Nokia Lumia 2520 - - Nokia - UK
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    I'm curious now, why are u choosing Nokia tablet over the surface 2? I also want to purchase a tablet but I can't decide between the two

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    11-06-2013 03:48 PM
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    I'm curious now, why are u choosing Nokia tablet over the surface 2? I also want to purchase a tablet but I can't decide between the two
    I was also torn, but I made my decision based on:

    1. My experience with the Lumia phone; would expect a similar level of build quality.
    2. It will look awesome next to the phone.
    3. The faster processor (2.2ghz Snapdragon 800 vs 1.7ghz Nvidia Tegra 4).
    4. Brighter screen.
    5. Slightly smaller dimensions/weight.
    6. I prefer the (optional) folio-style keyboard case with additional 5 hours battery life and USB.
    7. Built-in LTE.
    8. Nokia exclusive apps.
    11-06-2013 04:04 PM
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    OK, so it turns out Nokia couldn't get their act together here in the UK - couldn't get a white 2520, couldn't find anywhere with a keyboard case actually in stock - so I got impatient and bought a firesale 128Gb original Surface Pro - with free cyan touch cover (which will be going straight on eBay) and 10 Windows Store credit for 443.41 delivered - pretty much what it would have cost to buy a new Surface 2 64Gb. No-brainer, I think.

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    Still loving the 920 and Windows Phone in general.

    Only new app that's made it onto my Start Screen and in use daily is Quiet Hours:
    Quiet Hours | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)

    Automatically silences your phone at a specified time (e.g. midnight) and puts your volume back up again at a specified time (e.g. 6am)

    Also become addicted to Wordament.
    03-03-2014 06:19 PM
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    Surface Pro turned up this morning - first impressions are good. Looking forward to having Desktop and Phone versions of the 2Day app.

    Currently installing update 8 of 80...
    03-06-2014 04:52 AM
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    An hour later... 62 of 80...
    03-06-2014 05:47 AM
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    After finally getting all the updates installed, upgraded to 8.1, all my software installed, accounts/passwords set up - I'm happy to report that the Surface Pro is brilliant. I think I might like it more than my Macbook Air (and that's saying something!)

    I might post a list of decent Modern UI apps if anyone's interested? I've tried, kept and rejected loads!
    03-09-2014 08:24 AM
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    I would love a suggestions list...I'm always looking for new/useful apps for windows 8.1
    03-09-2014 11:26 AM
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    After finally getting all the updates installed, upgraded to 8.1, all my software installed, accounts/passwords set up - I'm happy to report that the Surface Pro is brilliant. I think I might like it more than my Macbook Air (and that's saying something!)

    I might post a list of decent Modern UI apps if anyone's interested? I've tried, kept and rejected loads!
    yeah do put up a list, i haven't found many apps worth my time yet on windows 8.1... I love my Wp8 but haven't seen many great apps on 8.1. Do post !
    03-09-2014 11:37 AM
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    Okay, here's my setup - apps highlighted in green are my 'outstanding' picks, those in red I binned off:

    Desktop apps:

    • Bitdefender Total Security - self explanatory; works, no discernible performance impact - occasionally pops up annoying notifications like 'in Laptop mode' which you don't seem to be able to disable
    • Photoshop CC - self explanatory; nice and speedy on Surface Pro - user interface is crazy small on the Surface Pro's HD screen though
    • Office Professional 2013 - self explanatory
    • Visio Standard 2013 - self explanatory
    • iTunes - self explanatory
    • Spotify - self explanatory; horrible touch experience, doesn't scale to HD well - not optimised for touch at all, but better than the web-player which stops playing unless your web browser is the front-most window - no integration with the volume pop-up (so you can't skip tracks backwards or forwards)
    • CCleaner - useful tool to clear out junk - everyone should have this
    • 1Password - password manager; yes there are free alternatives - I like this one because having read the developer's blog, I'm confident they know what they're doing when it comes to encryption.
    • Breevy - text snippet expander - as above really; there are free utilities which do a similar thing but I like this one and I don't mind paying for it - it works the way I want it to, I'm happy with it.
    • Virtualdub - video processing tool - I'm sure you don't need me to tell you about this or handbrake
    • Handbrake - video processing tool
    • Google Chrome - looks horrible if your text display settings are set to 150% scaling (the default); you can fix this either by changing your display settings to 100% scaling instead, or as follows:

      1. Right click Chrome shortcut/taskbar icon and choose "Properties." (if you do this on an icon in you startbar, you'll need to right click again on the one that says "Google Chrome.")
      2. Click Compatibility tab.
      3. Check box for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings."
      4. Click OK.
      5. It will render pages using tiny, practically unreadable fonts, but you can change that in Chrome Settings under "Show advanced settings" --> "Web Content" --> "Font Size."
      6. Enjoy. (you can do this for other apps that show up comedically big too - like the Adobe Creative Cloud updater helper)

    • Sublime Text 2 - brilliant code editor

    Metro UI apps:


    • Facebook - probably the least worst Facebook client of any platform; certainly much better than the official Windows Phone one - I like flipping it into portrait mode for faster newsfeed reading; loses the left and right menu bars
    • Twitter - clean, simple, does the job; if you're a power Twitter user you may need to look elsewhere (I am not, so can't recommend anything I'm afraid)
    • Skype - clean, simple, does the job.
    • IM+ Pro - multi instant message protocol chat client - not pretty, but largely works
    • Viber - clean, simple, does the job - I like being able to transfer calls between devices running Viber (start a call on PC, fire over to Mobile if required). Not as polished as Skype, in my opinion.


    • Amazon - ordered 3 or 4 things using one-click; seamless if you already know what you're looking for - probably still prefer using the website for product discovery to compare different options / find the best deal etc.
    • eBay - slick, seems to work.
    • Tesco (UK grocery delivery service) - works much better than Ocado below
    • Ocado (UK grocery delivery service) - can't actually manage your shopping basket, but does have a nice live tile telling you when the next available delivery slot is, or how your order is progressing if you've made one via the website


    • Adobe Photoshop Express - simple photo enhancement tool, works
    • Fotor - another simple photo enhancement tool - allows you to do some pretty nice filters, effects, collages etc - worth checking out. (not as slick as Photoshop Express obviously, but you can do some cool stuff with it)


    • Netflix - slick, works; drops into SD more often than I'd like - this is probably more to do with my internet connection (although it doesn't happen so frequently on the Apple TV so... jury's out on this one)
    • TVCatchup (may only work in the UK) - horrible interface, does the job though
    • 4OD (may only work in the UK) - bit buggy and frustrating to use, largely plays the content you want though; sometimes randomly resets back to the beginning of what you were watching.
    • Demand 5 (may only work in the UK) - better than the 4OD app
    • Hyper for Youtube (seems to work better than MetroTube) - I like the download features and the fact you can set it to default to 1080P when available.
    • MetroTube - Youtube app - using Hyper instead. I love with Windows Phone version of this app, but it's not as magical on Win8.
    • Blinkbox from Tesco - UK movie store for rental/purchase, really slick user interface.


    • Xbox Music - nice apart from the fact playlists don't seem to sync between desktop/phone - lots of music available free, though - not found anything I wanted to listen to that wouldn't play for free
    • Deezer - music streaming app; really nice if you don't mind paying 9.99 a month. Worth checking out until Spotify get with the times!
    • BBC Podcasts - free, cool app to download your favourite BBC podcasts
    • Radio 1 - free Radio 1 streaming app; took me a while to figure out you have to swipe up from the bottom to uncover the play button (the only control in the whole app!) Does not allow you to expand to 'wide' tile size, but the Radio 2 one below, bizarrely, does.
    • Radio 2 - as per Radio 1 app above.
    • Tunein Radio - listen to radio from around the world. User interface is poo. Does not seem to let you pin individual stations to your Start Screen.


    • NextGen Reader - brilliant RSS newsfeed reader.
    • Flipbook - personal magazine app; reasonably slick, works OK - not as good as the iPad version
    • Bing News - slick current affairs app, not found a better one yet
    • StumbleUpon - really cool user experience to find interesting stuff on the 'net / waste some time
    • Wikipedia - no 'did you mean?' - will only return things if you type them absolutely correctly and/or know the correct spelling of whatever it is you want to find out about
    • Kindle / Nook - eBook readers; haven't decided which one I prefer yet
    • John Lewis Things We Love - UK high end department store magazine


    • Bing Weather (I prefer this to AccuWeather due to not having ads in your face all the time)
    • TripAdvisor - works nicely, few too many gradients in the UI for my liking - would be better if it were flatter
    • Foursquare - very 'Metro' UI - definitely worth checking out.
    • HERE Maps - really cool, but I actually prefer the standard Bing Maps app for my general map needs.
    • Rightmove - UK property search, pretty nice

    Cloud - not decided on a favourite yet, will probably be OneDrive though, to be honest:

    • SkyDrive (aka OneDrive now, obvs)
    • Dropbox
    • Box


    • 2Day - great GTD task management app; bit overwhelming at first; not pretty or slick, but functional and so far reasonably reliable. Live tile is useful in 'large' mode - shows you your next few upcoming tasks. Syncs with Windows Phone version well.
    • OneNote (the metro version) - not as fully featured as the desktop counterpart obviously, but great for quick notes and sketches straight into your notebooks.
    • Fresh Paint - genius art app; works great with the stylus.
    • MinimaList - to-do list; looks lovely, works well - uninstalled due to ads and no way of paying to remove that I could see; will stick with OneNote
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    03-09-2014 02:09 PM
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    Just a quick update: happy to report that Surface Pro will happily accept the new Sandisk 128Gb MicroSD card, comes formatted as ExFAT and provides 119Gb useable space.

    The battery life is starting to get on my nerves; typically get around 4 hours out if it, but I'll get a power cover and see if that will get me through a whole day. Also quite keen to get a docking station. Unfortunately, neither of these accessories is available yet in the UK so I may have to get them shipped over from the US. Will report back when I get them.
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    03-24-2014 05:20 PM
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