1. sonicwheeler's Avatar
    Hey WP Community,

    I need some opinions here. I'm looking to change phones. Currently I have a Z10. I'm really liking the looks of the Lumia 1020.

    My choices are to keep my z10, upgrade to a Z30 or to a WP device. can you give me some advice on what to do? I'll be buying off contract so its expensive.
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    12-14-2013 11:44 AM
  2. raccoon210's Avatar
    This is a WP forum so we'll obviously advise you to WP:) but the 1020 is a great phone, with some amazing photos being taken with it. The 925/0 is still a good choice but if you want the latest the 1520 would be it but if you don't like that size then its a no-go. Me personally I would advise you to hold onto your Z10 foe a little while longer because the 920 lineup is due for an upgrade soon. But if you want to get rid of the Z10 soon then the 1020 is definitely a good choice
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    12-14-2013 11:53 AM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to WPCentral.
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    12-14-2013 12:10 PM
  4. DBDev's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral and hopefully soon Windows Phone! The 1020 is a great phone!
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    12-14-2013 12:43 PM
  5. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral! As you are on a Windows Phone forum, of course we will suggest to get the windows phone, :P

    Anyways, my friend has a Z10, and is very annoyed by it. The Z30 really isn't special, especially compared to the 1020. The 1020 has more apps, amazing display, and especially that 41MP camera. I suggest the Lumia 1020.
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    12-14-2013 02:58 PM
  6. sonicwheeler's Avatar
    what is the email and texting experience like?
    12-14-2013 05:34 PM
  7. raccoon210's Avatar
    what is the email and texting experience like?
    I don't email much so I'll let others answer that. But I find the texting to be great! I love the keyboard and I have no problem with group chats or MMS not sending.
    12-14-2013 05:38 PM
  8. Kubiubo's Avatar
    Welcome! Like others have stated, this is a Windows Phone forum, so naturally people will be biased towards a Windows Phone device.
    However, being a former BlackBerry advocate and iPhone user, hopefully my opinion will help you make a decision for yourself.

    The Nokia Lumia 1020 is really a special device, simply because of the 41 megapixel shooter on the back - it's incredible. Plus, the yellow and black model looks really great, at least to me. As for Windows Phone, I switched from iOS 7 last month and I definitely prefer it over iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10. I'd say the one advantage that BlackBerry 10 has over Windows Phone 8 is an always accessible notification center (i.e. the Hub in BB10.) - but WP8 is built to be 'glance and go.' So it really depends on how you use your device if you really need a dedicated notification center with detailed notes.

    As for the getting a BlackBerry Z30 or Lumia 1020, here are some spec comparisons.

    The Z30 has a larger screen, at 5'' vs 4.5'' on the 1020, a 2880 mAh battery vs 2000, it's thinner and has HDMI output. However, the Lumia has a higher screen ppi (334 vs 295), a much better camera - the best on the phone market, is lighter and has many more apps available compared to BlackBerry (165000+ vs 120000+.)

    If you're a photography aficionado, the Lumia 1020 is definitely more up your alley, otherwise, I'd say it's purely up to what you want in terms of battery life, screen size, camera and more.

    In regards to the email and texting experience, here are some screenshots for you to judge:

    Messaging Application -
    Portrait Keyboard

    Landscape Keyboard

    Email Application:
    Inbox View

    App Bar

    Compose View

    Have fun and feel free to stay around regardless of which phone you choose, it's always fun to have an outsider view on things!
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    12-14-2013 06:04 PM
  9. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Welcome WP Central forums, Always nice to have new members join in, ask questions and post in the thread's.
    Good Luck
    12-14-2013 06:11 PM
  10. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    what is the email and texting experience like?
    Very top notch!
    12-15-2013 01:03 PM
  11. sonicwheeler's Avatar
    it looks really good tbh, might have to go see if I can play with one to get a feel for it.
    12-15-2013 07:26 PM
  12. IanArg's Avatar
    Interesting post as I am just transitioning myself from the Z10 to the Lumia 1020. I haven't decided either way yet so my thoughts so far:

    Great screen

    App quality and availability is better

    Camera is great for fixed shots, amazing daylight shots

    Keyboard is surprisingly good

    Battery life seems good

    Titles seem more modern to use

    Always get to an app within one swipe

    Nokia Drive and Here

    Microsoft integration (as a outlook/SkyDrive/skype user)

    Nokia glance (time on screen when not in use)


    Miss the hub big time

    Miss the gestures

    Really miss the point and shoot timeshift capability ( 1020 is a little slow at times and also on auto quite often at night shows a nasty yellow tint to images)

    Miss pull down settings

    Miss BBM ( hopefully coming to wp8 soon)

    Miss separate sound settings for each audio type

    Miss bedside mode (Nokia have glance but miss the auto muting of notifications but not calls)

    So lots of pros and cons, wp8.1 will bring notification centre so all new messages are in one place which is a step closer to hub. Also coming is a pull down settings bar and individual sound settings.

    The camera takes great photos and im only just starting to play, that's what's keeping focused on the 1020 at the mo.

    BB Z10 is a better communications tool and perhaps better business tool. 1020 better for photography and apps but does business well.

    Hope that helps

    12-16-2013 06:26 PM
  13. sonicwheeler's Avatar
    Thanks Ian!

    you gave me more insight now. The hub is going to be a major keeper for me. It is almost a deal breaker for me. maybe I might wait for 8.1 to get released and see what happens.
    12-17-2013 07:34 AM
  14. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Thanks Ian!

    you gave me more insight now. The hub is going to be a major keeper for me. It is almost a deal breaker for me. maybe I might wait for 8.1 to get released and see what happens.
    I'm sure in 8.1, they'll do something really similar. :)
    12-17-2013 08:35 AM
  15. rdubmu's Avatar
    I have owned three old school blackberries, 1 android, 1 iPhone and 3 different windows phones.

    I have to say that I find the email experience with the live titles the best that I have experienced. The keyboard also is the easiest to type on. I currently own an Android LG G2, and I will tell you I absolutely hate it. The keyboards suck, auto-correct is horrible. The only good part about android is the selection of apps and games. Email is really clunkly and not intuitive.

    On Windows Phone, I find the email, People hub, text messaging the easiest out of Windows Phone, iPhone and Android. I haven't used a Z10 or any of the newest blackberries. When I am at home, I usually grab my airplane mode Lumia 920 to check my email over my android. I hope that T-Mobile comes out with a better windows phone in the near future. :)
    12-21-2013 11:49 PM

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