1. Lumiant's Avatar
    Hello WPCentral

    Name & Age?

    My name is Billy V. I am 19 years of age and live in NJ, USA.

    Why did i come here?

    To put it shortly i wanted to try something new, so i jumped ship to a Nokia Lumia 521. It was an easy fix from eBay for $45 USD + free shipping so i couldn't go wrong in the wallet.

    Where did your name inspiration come from?

    I actually slept on it, I've had some in mind but i wanted something fresh, just like WP8 or WP in general. Sticking to the idea i chose Lumiant which derives from Lumia.

    What will you bring to the forum?

    Hopefully I can bring my experience over the time, since I'm very tech savvy and have been a smartphone user since 2008

    What are your expectations for the forum?

    General help, chit chat here and there and other information i didn't know - to learn.

    Anything else?

    In conclusion I say hello to all the members/staff as well as to a new experience.
    12-29-2013 10:33 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi Billy and welcome to WPCentral. I'm glad you decided to join us here.
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    12-29-2013 10:48 PM
  3. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Hi Billy & Welcome Aboard ⚓ To WP Centrals forums, It's great that you joined with us here and especially the Windows OS . Being a new member I would encourage you to look around and join in and post in the many forums we have and your going to meet and make many new friends that can help and answer most questions you may have.
    Good Luck.
    Tip, Check out the forum Windows phone 8 "tips & tricks" for newbie's.

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    12-30-2013 05:31 AM
  4. Lumiant's Avatar
    Thank you very much for the welcome, both of you! Already feels like a great community with great user potential. I'll try your suggestions and see if i can make a friend or two ;) . Happy Holidays and !new Years
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    12-30-2013 10:42 AM
  5. DBDev's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral and Windows Phone! Hope you like it here
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    12-30-2013 01:16 PM
  6. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Welcome to WPC it great to have you on board!
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    01-02-2014 07:58 PM
  7. Lumiant's Avatar
    Thank you all :D , nice to feel at home now!
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    01-03-2014 02:29 AM
  8. amitnahar's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    01-03-2014 02:48 AM
  9. Muessig's Avatar
    Hey Billy, now that you've been on the platform for a few days how are you adjusting? Are you finding it an easier or more difficult transition for you?
    01-06-2014 02:20 AM
  10. Luminatic's Avatar
    Welcome, Billy/Lumiant! How are you getting along with your Lumia so far?
    P. S. I like your account name! 😉
    01-06-2014 08:52 AM
  11. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    01-06-2014 03:52 PM
  12. windoors's Avatar
    Welcome aboard Lumiant!
    01-13-2014 04:21 AM
  13. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Welcome to WP central Billy, hope your getting all your questions answered and if you need help just post!
    01-13-2014 04:26 AM
  14. rdubmu's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!

    Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Tapatalk
    01-13-2014 10:25 PM
  15. worldspy99's Avatar
    Welcome, let us know if you need help with any particular Apps.
    01-15-2014 11:10 AM

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