1. Adam Loh's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Since i bought my first windows phone - the Lumia 800, i always keep myself update the latest windows phone or Nokia news from the wpcentral forum and sites. It was about 1 years plus ago, when i started out my windows phone experience.That time, my friends around, when we talked about things that related to smartphones, they will have a question like, why you using Nokia ? Isn't Nokia already bankrupt ? are u still using Windows mobile ??? ....like i am a "dinosaur" in this era. : -)

    Over the time, the windows phone has gain some popularity and some of them are already started to used windows phone. I am proud to say i am Nokia/Windows phone users. Currently, i am using a Lumia 925, i have to say i love the design and the camera.In the other hand, we know that Lumia 1020 is the beast !! The time i bought Lumia 925, 1020 has not in the market in Malaysia yet. So i get the lumia 925.

    So whats next ?? i will getting a new windows phone next years, i love the industrial and the inspirational design from Nokia. I am using windows phone today is because of the Nokia experiences, I buy Nokia phone is because of the durability, the industrial design and the passion for the photography. Windows phone on the other hand fits the productivity of my life and my work.

    I am a developers for the windows phone. Do check out my apps on the windows phone, under the published name EACS COMPUTERS, my notable apps are 4D Checker, which i make for the Malaysia Market as a lottery reports apps.

    By the ways, I am new to here, and cant wait to be part of this community and windows phone movement. Thanks...
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    01-17-2014 11:05 PM
  2. windoors's Avatar
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    01-18-2014 12:19 AM
  3. raccoon210's Avatar
    Glad to have you here! Thanks for developing for us!
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    01-18-2014 12:48 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi Adam and welcome to WPCentral. Thanks for supporting our platform by developing apps.
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    01-18-2014 12:51 AM
  5. DBDev's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral! Nice with a new dev joining the forums
    01-18-2014 03:01 AM
  6. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to WPC! Have fun in the forums!

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    01-18-2014 11:12 PM
  7. shamrock1988's Avatar
    Good man welcome lad
    01-18-2014 11:13 PM
  8. sahib lopez's Avatar
    all I have to say is SUP :) going to keep it short sweet and to the point !
    01-19-2014 12:11 AM
  9. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral! Thanks for developing for us! Hope you like your 925!
    01-20-2014 04:46 PM
  10. eve6er69's Avatar
    welcome to the community. i hope your new nokia is everything you want it to be. hope to see more postings from you around here on the forums!
    01-21-2014 02:39 PM
  11. rdubmu's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!
    01-23-2014 02:28 PM
  12. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Welcome to WPC it great to have more devs on board!
    01-29-2014 03:40 PM
  13. Guytronic's Avatar
    Welcome Adam!
    More power to you as a developer.
    01-29-2014 03:44 PM

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