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    My name is Bob, I live on the Southern edge of London in the UK, I ride a VFR (Honda V four motorcycle), and I ride other motorbikes to earn my living.

    I am no stranger to IT, I was the UK's smallest independent ISP for some years running it from a small island.

    My lad had a Windows 8 laptop and I wasn't impressed, at Xmas I bought my wife a laptop with 8.1, wow what a revelation it was like a whole new OS, all of a sudden it made so much sense.

    So a few days later we acquired a new desktop hooked up to the TV running as a file server/media center, followed by a new laptop for me, then new mobiles, I replaced my HTC HD2 running Windows 6.5 with a Nokia 1520 and my wife got a Nokia 520, and then I bit the bullet.

    I bought myself a Surface Pro (Saving 400 over the Pro 2 of similar spec and for that money I can live without the double setting stand) and then last week the wife got a new Surface 2.

    It took me about 15 minutes to get 8.1 and all I can say is Microsoft managed to get it right on Version 2 (Normally takes them 3 goes), the whole system works, we even signed up for Office 365 as I thought they finally deserved me spending some money with them

    I love One Note and the family room, if only I could come up with a way of getting the wife to make more use of it

    I can remember people moaning about having to use Icons instead of typing commands (DOS), I can also remember people moaning about 95 compared to 3.1 when all I said at the time is "Wow it looks like Gem" (Gem was a GUI by Digital Research that was better than Windows 3.1) and it finally got me into Microsoft's world (I sometimes used MS DOS over DR DOS). Been through the lot since NT 3.5, 98, NT 4 and NT 4 server, XP, although I did give 7 a miss. I chat to lots of people (Including some IT folk) who haven't figured out 8.1 yet, but for the life of me, how anyone can moan about 8.1 and then get an Android device and reckon it's anything other than crap is beyond me

    Old folk hey, no imagination (I am 15 going on 58) and I really am impressed by what Microsoft have done here and am long forward to Windows phone 8.1 and what comes next.

    I do have an issue with my Nokia 1520 but I will do a post in the relevant forum when I am ready but the sun is comong out and I need to ride my bike

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    04-20-2014 04:22 AM
  2. gonzo0815's Avatar
    Hi, welcome here. I am sure you will l
    ove your 1520 as much as I love mine.
    04-20-2014 05:05 AM
  3. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Along with my Surface Pro the 1520 is the jewel in the crown, fantastic bit of kit, it's a technical issue that I have that is causing the problem, twice now I have had a "Fuzzy screen", it has on both occasions corrected itself after some hours. I found a post with a picture of the same problem, but can't find it again but I will track it down and do a proper post with this issue.

    Although this is a problem, it's not as bad as what I do with my old tech, I put Ubuntu and then Mint on my old laptop, but to be honest I can't be bothered with it so it's going in the bin, I am loathe to get rid of my HTC, but then we shared four years and although I could probably sell it, I think I may keep it as an example of good design or more probably forget it in the back of a drawer ;-)

    04-20-2014 05:58 AM
  4. Guytronic's Avatar
    Hell-o again Bob!
    Glad to have another aboard with great experience.
    04-21-2014 12:40 AM
  5. Muessig's Avatar
    Hey Bob, great to see you here, especially someone that has the good sense to live in the UK like I do!
    04-21-2014 12:09 PM
  6. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! Have a good time!!
    04-27-2014 11:46 AM
  7. Sport Driver's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more with you about Windows 8.1 . I fired a shot and updated my WIN 7 computer on Friday, because of IE sync. And I'm loving it :D. It Works great with Windows Phone 8.1.
    I hope you will feel good in our community and enjoy using your Windows Phone. WELCOME ;).
    04-27-2014 11:58 AM
  8. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Welcome to WPC!
    04-29-2014 01:47 PM

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