1. LDB415's Avatar
    I've got a Note II that's a good device but am considering making the switch since I recently got a new laptop that is Windows 8 touchscreen. I thought it might help make both devices more useful if the OS is the same across platforms. I'm looking forward to learning more here.
    05-08-2014 10:31 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to WPCentral. Which Windows Phone are you interested in?
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    05-08-2014 10:32 AM
  3. crav4speed's Avatar
    Welcome! With Windows 8.1 and the Windows Phone 8.1 update right around the corner, great things are starting to happen.

    I have the WP8.1 Developer Preview, as do a lot of us here, and this is what you'll be able to do between both:
    1. Buy an app/game one time for your laptop/tablet/desktop and download the same app/game on your phone with Universal apps
    2. Sync your settings/themes/bookmarks/open IE tabs, across all your devices
    3. Use OneNote/Word/Excel/PowerPoint on your desktop/laptop and open it on your phone using OneDrive

    And this is just the beginning... MS is coming out with great stuff!
    05-08-2014 11:33 AM
  4. metalchick719's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral! Definitely make the switch to WP8 because you won't be disappointed.
    05-08-2014 11:41 AM
  5. tcmoon's Avatar
    I switched from the note 2 to the Lumia 1520 & love everything about it, especially with running 8.1
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    05-08-2014 11:52 AM
  6. hopmedic's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral. I can't say whether you'll like WP better than Android, as that is a subjective thing, but what I can tell you is that if you want to get the best experience of the devices working together, you'll find that with devices of the same family.
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    05-08-2014 01:24 PM
  7. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Welcome to WPC it looking like most new devices will be released sometime in June and July.
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    05-14-2014 05:09 AM
  8. mobilecrackers's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral
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    05-14-2014 07:15 AM
  9. MDMcAtee's Avatar
    Another ex noteII user on a 1520 with 8.1 and loving it.

    This phone is so much more fun than my rooted and custom rom note.

    I do miss some things on it,but know in time all will be fine. Heck updates are pouring from Microsoft everyday.

    Not as many great cases for it,but more are showing up regularly.I slapped a Day Joy glass screen protector on mine and a PDair leather case and it rides as good as my note did.

    No spen for it,so if you need it, it doesn't work with one as far as I know.

    If you have lots of music, go through Windows media player to sync it..I use the older music player not the new one. Didn't get any doubles showing up.

    No split screen,I found I didn't miss it at all,

    All I can say is you're in for a real treat and Welcome to WP.............

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    05-14-2014 07:44 AM
  10. amagner's Avatar
    Welcome to the WP family!
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    05-14-2014 12:35 PM
  11. winboy's Avatar
    I also switched from a Note 2 to a 1520 and have no regrets whatsoever.
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    05-14-2014 08:39 PM
  12. upnort's Avatar
    Welcome. As a recent Android/Note 2 convert myself there will be some things you may miss. But as I am slowly finding my way around the WP ecosystem I realized that many of the things I thought were missing I found. As far as the Windows 8 desktop working with your phone. It's pretty slick. There are a few rough edges that I am hoping they will clean up like the WP8 mail client working like the Win8 version. Right now to get that functionality I use MetroMail. I was using K9 as my client on Android and so far this is as close to it as I can get. That being said. If you are over the learning curve with Win8, WP8 (soon to be 8.1) will be pretty seamless. 8.1 will bring some things that 8 is lacking bringing it closer to the Android/iOS experience. Just have an open mind when working with WP. Or cheat like I did and pick up a Nokia Lumia 822. They are pretty cheap and use the same SIM card so you can swap the phones at will until your comfortable with it.
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    05-14-2014 09:26 PM
  13. anon(7900571)'s Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral !
    05-18-2014 09:46 PM

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