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    After many years of being a die hard android fan, I saw through the hype and continual re-invention of the wheel, by the big manufacturers (SamDung) mainly!!

    As a cab driver I thought the S Pen would come in handy. In nearly two years, I NEVER used it. I was getting irritated with the continual poor signal on 3G / LTE. So when I was offered a Note 4, I took a long, hard, look at how I actually use a phone. I never used the pen, OK Google was a crap shoot with answers given and then there is the constant background apps running, and a plethora of bundled apps!

    I saw an ad on TV showing the Cortana system. My thoughts were, yeah, I bet it doesn't really work like that! Off to the shops, a new 930 was shown to me, and a demo of the 'Hey Cortana' feature was demonstrated and VIOLA! I am now pretty much completely hands free in the taxi with cortana accurately taking notes to the calendar, calling, texting, reading texts etc! Bang, I now owned a WP without so much as casting my eyes over the store for apps. It has everything I need. The one drive is a great help, and enables the office to place bookings in a file and I can access them from there!! My only gripe?? IE is Poo!

    Well after two weeks, I LOVE it!! Samdung can keep their gimmicks and toys ( wireless charging eh, old hat...LOL ).

    Windows Phone has now taken over my entire household! My 8 yr old Girl has a 535 (nice bit of kit for a budget phone!) My 11 yr old Son has a 435 great phone for kids, and only 30 to replace, and it plays Asphalt 8 smoother than his quadcore android tablet! My oldest son of 15 has a 635, and loves it to bits. His mates all took the mickey to start with, but again, when he compared Ashpalt 8 on his phone to their Galaxy youngs, they were surprised to say the least. He keeps his homework in a one drive folder and can access it at any time!! Finally, the wife. She bought a 640. She also drives a taxi, and she also loves it to bits. She thinks the glance screen is really useful and the phone, as a business tool, is more than capable. Like me, she also gets LTE in far more locations, and she loves both Here Maps.

    Sorry for the long winded introduction, but WP has taken over my house!! Why do people put such a downer on them? Why get tied up in knots with a carrier because Samdung have bought out yet another variant of phones that have gone before?? Do you really need an Octacore processor?? IMHO, all of these all singing all dancing, updated every year phones, are just fashion statements so you can brag to your 'acquantances' and prove how shallow you are????? I'd rather have the 930 and spend the change on beer and steak!

    Anyway, High all, long story over with,
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    06-23-2015 06:18 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Hello, Mad Cabbie! Welcome to Windows and to Windows Central! Glad to know you're enjoying it so far, and you've shared it with your entire family, too!

    Well, those droid phones need the Octacore processor - the platform just slows down so much after a while!

    Agreed, I've got my L1020 for over a year now and I'm not looking forward to upgrading/replacing it anytime soon. The only reason I had to get a L535 was because my L1020 died and had to be surrendered to a service center for 90 days.

    There are dedicated forums for almost every Windows Phone here, so make sure to check them out, too.

    Glad to have you on board, and hoping to hear more from you.
    06-23-2015 07:26 AM
  3. ven07's Avatar
    Welcome to our side of the world :) not that I'm pushing you off the platform, but did you ever try the LG line?
    06-23-2015 01:19 PM
  4. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Welcome Mad. That's a great tale.

    Slash the hype. Very wise man. Good on ya and your whole family. I particularly like the one son keeping his homework on OneDrive.

    Let's see some picks of the happy brood with their phones!!! Invest a couple pence in Intellicam and your 930 can even snap that pic by voice command!!! (gpobernardo turned me on to that app).

    06-23-2015 10:47 PM
  5. Ciwan's Avatar
    Your post resonates with my own experience of moving away from iOS. I recently made the change too, glad you're enjoying the experience as well :)
    06-24-2015 02:36 AM
  6. hiya15's Avatar
    Its good to read positive experiences once in a while. On a forum ,they are not abundant. I guess you are not mad at all :)
    06-24-2015 03:07 AM
  7. worldspy99's Avatar
    Welcome to WindowsCentral MadCabbie....really nice story...thanks for sharing.
    I agree that in performance/price ratio, no other os/phone combination comes close in the low to mid-end category as you have pointed out quite nicely in your post!
    Good luck with all the Lumias' in the family!
    Keep the stories coming...
    06-24-2015 12:54 PM
  8. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    It's good to be here!!

    It's been a few weeks now and that's it, WP is a keeper. My daughter smashed the screen on her 535, it was a bit bit for the jeans pocket of a 9 year old. She now has a 435 as well. Cost me 20.00!! 1 gig of ram for 20.00???? The 535 is away at the menders for the princely sum of 25.00. Found the company on Ebay, looked at the feedback, saw that they use genuine digitizers, and off she went. Now back, all fixed, and kept as a back up now!! Sod your latest re-invention Samdung, I've supplied phones to the whole family for less than your flagship S6, and the tarriffs are much, much lower!!
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    07-31-2015 03:36 AM
  9. ven07's Avatar
    Sod your latest re-invention Samdung, I've supplied phones to the whole family for less than your flagship S6, and the tarriffs are much, much lower!!
    Well according to the latest news samsung will be slashing those prices :p
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    07-31-2015 01:35 PM
  10. trippymanni's Avatar
    Lol loving the Windows Phone family!
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    08-01-2015 08:50 AM
  11. Ed Boland's Avatar
    Welcome aboard! We're happy to have you here..
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    08-06-2015 10:58 PM
  12. rhapdog's Avatar
    Lol loving the Windows Phone family!
    It's a great family.
    Welcome aboard! We're happy to have you here..
    Yeah, what he said. ;) Welcome to the family.
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    08-07-2015 08:29 AM
  13. RumoredNow's Avatar
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    08-07-2015 10:47 AM
  14. Muessig's Avatar
    The one drive is a great help, and enables the office to place bookings in a file and I can access them from there!! My only gripe?? IE is Poo!
    With Windows 10 Mobile you'll get Edge, which is much quicker! Welcome to the best time to be on WP.
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    08-07-2015 02:09 PM
  15. sinime's Avatar
    Welcome to the Windows Central forums!
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    08-07-2015 02:22 PM

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