1. CarloE65's Avatar
    Hi, I'm Carlo and I'm Italian, I use Windows Phone since 2012. I hope to help someone and get help on this forum!
    07-01-2017 04:47 AM
  2. Josiah23's Avatar
    Welcome to Windows Central @CarloE65 we’re glad to have you!

    What devices are you using or have previously used since 2012?
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    07-01-2017 05:12 AM
  3. CarloE65's Avatar
    I had:
    Lumia 610
    Lumia 710
    Lumia 800
    Lumia 820
    Lumia 520
    Lumia 535
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    07-01-2017 06:04 AM
  4. meattray's Avatar
    hey there! Nice to see another member!
    07-01-2017 08:00 AM
  5. raycpl's Avatar
    Hi, I'm Carlo
    Welcome aboard ....

    07-01-2017 08:03 AM
  6. Guytronic's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to Windows Central.
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    07-01-2017 10:19 AM
  7. faisalbaba's Avatar

    Sent from (iOK)
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    07-01-2017 11:55 AM
  8. libra89's Avatar
    Welcome to Windows Central @CarloE65 ! Out of all of the devices you have listed, what is your favorite one?
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    07-02-2017 11:02 PM
  9. Jonahtheblaze's Avatar
    Hi man Nice to see you here.
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    07-03-2017 08:05 PM

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