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    One is over three months behind - and likely living under a rock - if they learn here that Microsoft is planning to release in late 2020 the Microsoft Surface Duo, their foray into the Android Smartphone market. It promises to be unique, in that it is a dual-screen phone. It’s sleek, and it’s ambitious for the makers who failed economically at their own cellular market, but it shows that Microsoft doesn’t consider itself unable to adapt, nor are they down and out when it comes to cellphones.

    I submit two other unique offerings that Microsoft could (a) make money at, and (b) reach a wider audience. I will state here that one of these ideas is certainly not my own, as I read up on just this proposition a few weeks ago, but sadly was unable to track it down. I will also state here that both of these propositions are likely shared and maybe even expressed but has just not made it across my eyes.

    With the Duo, Microsoft could release:

    THE WINDOWS PHONE for Android

    My first smartphone was in 2015 at age 25. Furthermore, I purchased it with Verizon. It was a Samsung of some sort. The second smart phone I purchased in the spring of 2017 was an iPhone 6plus. Being with Verizon, and away from an area were AT&T gives service, I was always distant from the Windows Phone in its prime. By the spring of 2019, I purchased my third smartphone, an android again. As I discovered the joy of launchers, I came across Square Home, and then Microsoft Launcher, and then I became the biggest Windows phone fanboy who never had one. I looked up YouTube videos, and drooled with remorse at the hype and Windows Phone’s day in the sun I missed.

    The proliferation of official Microsoft Android apps, and then knock-off Windows Phone style launchers tells us one thing: there are an influx of Windows phone users who have reluctantly come into the Android market. Microsoft is already making an Android phone, it seems to me that they could capitalize, and master what third-party developers are already doing: give us a Windows Phone on Android. The technology is there to make a live tile UI-style launcher.

    The question then might be, well what generation? I submit that Microsoft could easily make a launcher, where its settings would toggle well between 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 UI interfaces. Make a Messenger that’s more like Windows Phone, and haggle with Google about bringing Bing Maps over to Android!

    There may be obstacles in the way that keep it from being a complete Windows Phone experience, nevertheless, when people buy a Windows Phone for Android, they know that the for android is there for a reason. It may not be a 100% replica, but from what I read, the third-party launchers, and the library of Microsoft Apps already make it pretty close. If Microsoft were to get on board with giving us hardware, the Microsoft label and branding, and their best attempt at making a Windows Phone experience on Android, the buyers would be there.


    This second idea, was the idea I read elsewhere: for those of us who aren’t ready to buy into the folding-phone-hype, Microsoft is already perfectly lined up to release their smartphone (and XL accompaniment) into the broad android, single-screen market. There are folks out there who already have their phone full of Microsoft Apps, and oddly enough, there’s a strange sadness for still having to not have that Microsoft branding on their hardware anywhere, or remind themselves that they don’t own Microsoft hardware when their phone starts up or restarts.

    Beyond those sentimental reasons, perhaps Microsoft could still deliver something uniquely Microsoft on an android hardware. There is a market out there who may be glad that live tiles are done although Windows was their preferred cellphone, secondly, they aren’t ready for folding screens, they just want a Microsoft Phone, an android styled UI (to be had in Microsoft’s Launcher) with all its apps. A Surface Phone in different sizes would perfectly meet this.


    So there you go. The best way to not fail, Microsoft, with your first trekking out into the Android hardware stage? Give out options. Give out variety. Within a few years if the Windows Phone for Android sucks, but the other two do not, it’s an easy decision to make. Who knows, you may find that pioneering a dual-screen device will be a wrong move, and it will be the retro Windows Phone, and the quickly-becoming plain Jane, one screen smartphone that saves your bacon.

    Just some guy’s two cents, if he could the Microsoft Universe.
    01-13-2020 06:30 PM

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