1. Brad Spry's Avatar
    There's been thoughts posted here and there about this possibility, and yesterday you have Nikon's president alluding to smartphones:
    Nikon President Eyes Smartphone Users as Compact Sales Fall - Bloomberg

    The bold yellow and black promotional style being used on the invitations does remind one of Nikon, it's intentional design, no doubt.

    But is Nokia just pinching Nikon's yellow and black style, or is a Nikon branded camera integrated with a Nokia phone a real possibility tomorrow? I guess we shall find out :-)
    07-10-2013 07:51 AM
  2. tissotti's Avatar
    I can already tell you that it wont be the case. That 41MP sensor was manufactured and developed jointly by Toshiba and Nokia on 808PV and I can't think this has changed.
    Nokia already got Zeiss that is bodly branded on the back of the phone and in general Nokia has seemed to be head of the traditional camera companies since the N95 and N82 days when it comes to mobile use.

    It seems like yellow will be the only bold color at the launch of EOS and they will use that on their marketing. Same as all press photos on the launch of Lumia 920 were of the yellow phone.
    07-10-2013 08:15 AM

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