06-12-2018 06:10 PM
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  1. Live2Deliver's Avatar
    oh god, the feeling of totally being at the party myself.... its totally awesome!
    01-10-2014 10:12 AM
  2. ParoleGA's Avatar
    Just hoping to get some "water drops" shot. Got something else
    What, herpes? I wouldn't drink from that faucet. It looks like it has been washing out sausage casing.
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    01-10-2014 02:14 PM
  3. Mark Surry's Avatar
    Link below for shots I've taken with my Lumia 1020 over the last few months.

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    01-11-2014 01:56 AM
  4. Emix1988's Avatar

    Testing Black Update, imo more natural and accurate colors, and look at those details at 100%... just wow.

    DNG of this image is 44MB!
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    01-11-2014 06:29 AM
  5. chmun77's Avatar
    Lunar New Year opening ceremony, along with fireworks.

    WP_20140111_19_27_02_Pro by Kopi-Po-Siew-Dai, on Flickr

    WP_20140111_21_37_52_Pro by Kopi-Po-Siew-Dai, on Flickr

    WP_20140111_21_51_19_Pro by Kopi-Po-Siew-Dai, on Flickr

    WP_20140111_21_00_27_Pro by Kopi-Po-Siew-Dai, on Flickr

    WP_20140111_21_01_42_Pro by Kopi-Po-Siew-Dai, on Flickr

    WP_20140111_21_00_50_Pro by Kopi-Po-Siew-Dai, on Flickr

    WP_20140111_21_02_35_Pro by Kopi-Po-Siew-Dai, on Flickr
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    01-11-2014 11:22 AM
  6. Phoquetopus's Avatar
    Did a bit of a comparison between my Lumia 1020 and my iPhone 5s. I've uploaded the results but still need to do a lowlight comparison. Give me your thoughts. https://plus.google.com/105696990238...ts/Ztc1EPcd416
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    01-11-2014 01:36 PM
  7. infestedd's Avatar
    My first photo! thanks to TheCrazySwede for the help ! :)
    01-11-2014 04:43 PM
  8. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Took this with DNG enabled, used Lightroom to convert from DNG to JPG. Overall I love the quality. Haven't messed much with post processing as I'm still learning the full potential of Lightroom. But I actually quite like this image.

    Snow Time by simundsonk, on Flickr
    01-11-2014 04:59 PM
  9. TheCrazySwede's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	agua1.jpg 
Views:	32 
Size:	496.1 KB 
ID:	54247
    My first photo! thanks to TheCrazySwede for the help ! :)
    That's an awesome shot, infestedd! Looking forward to more pics, so keep'em coming! And you are very welcome.
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    01-11-2014 05:47 PM
  10. ssjmec's Avatar
    What, herpes? I wouldn't drink from that faucet. It looks like it has been washing out sausage casing.
    Lol. Actually, that's just for hand washing :P
    01-12-2014 05:07 AM
  11. Stama Mihai's Avatar
    Did a bit of a comparison between my Lumia 1020 and my iPhone 5s. I've uploaded the results but still need to do a lowlight comparison. Give me your thoughts. https://plus.google.com/105696990238707777275/posts/Ztc1EPcd416
    still not valid link ...
    01-12-2014 05:10 AM
  12. hirsti99's Avatar
    Beautiful icy morning, shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom

    Last edited by hirsti99; 01-12-2014 at 06:14 AM. Reason: couldnt insert photo so linked to flickr
    01-12-2014 06:07 AM
  13. Phoquetopus's Avatar
    Try it now :)
    01-12-2014 06:47 AM
  14. hudsonvalley's Avatar
    My car one frosty morning
    01-12-2014 10:15 PM
  15. hudsonvalley's Avatar
    Tree and the moon
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    01-12-2014 10:16 PM
  16. retro_to_biggy58's Avatar





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    01-13-2014 01:49 AM
  17. jamesbond69's Avatar
    The first 2 pictures are of tree branches during an ice storm here in Ontario, Canada, these pictures are taken with default pro settings with the exception of manual focus. The third picture is a reframed version of a previous picture i took of my Lumia 520 with blur effect added(done in nokia cam)
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20131222_12_27_33_pro.jpg   wp_20131222_12_27_04_pro.jpg   wp_20131221_15_39_40_pro.jpg  
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    01-13-2014 02:16 AM
  18. TheCrazySwede's Avatar
    Bruce Goose!

    01-13-2014 02:24 AM
  19. Live2Deliver's Avatar
    all these point and shoot and pro shots blew me away. are they really taken by 1020? the pictures looks better than some DSLR ones

    Makes me wonder are there any limits to our camera pseudo-phone
    01-13-2014 10:09 AM
  20. buxz777's Avatar
    01-13-2014 02:30 PM
  21. infestedd's Avatar
    the last water shot is simply amazing!
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    01-13-2014 03:00 PM
  22. buxz777's Avatar
    the last water shot is simply amazing!
    thanks mate much appreciated , it was a fountain spurting water up took a risk and got the 1020 right in there ;-) it lives to tell the tale ha ha ;-)
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    01-13-2014 03:52 PM
  23. TheCrazySwede's Avatar
    01-13-2014 05:22 PM
  24. alexeysalo's Avatar
    Handmade postcard. Shooted in RAW, converted in Lightroom. Low light, long exposure (1 sec):
    01-14-2014 10:51 AM
  25. TheCrazySwede's Avatar
    Inside my Fairlady Z

    Tried to test Creative Studio's "Colour Pop" without any adjustment. Did a rather good job, but unfortunately left some blue spots on grey concrete.

    BMW F10 M5 Grill

    McLaren MP4-12C Headlight

    Lexus LFA Rear Quarter

    Lexus LFA Front Quarter

    SRT Viper Headlight
    01-14-2014 01:23 PM
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