06-12-2018 06:10 PM
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  1. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Radio Broadcast Tower (one huge antenna)

    The nearly-full Moon


    Mayon Volcano and "her" "Perfect Cone", as seen from Lignon Hill
    01-19-2015 11:53 AM
  2. ClixT's Avatar
    Last post before I get busy with college. :)
    This time, I tried to play with classic B&W filter.

    01-20-2015 04:14 PM
  3. crya romeo's Avatar
    Singapore - Marina Bay

    01-25-2015 10:26 AM
  4. Benjec83's Avatar
    I took this one at the Bronx Zoo. It was my first week shooting in snow, I think I could have made a few adjustments if I had have looked at them on a computer at the time - there's some red tinging in spots that I think is a result of the snow against color

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    01-26-2015 03:29 AM
  5. seraphim19's Avatar
    01-26-2015 01:50 PM
  6. Con Georgiadis's Avatar
    ProShot camera - 8mp, 16/9
    iso = 100
    shutter = 4 sec
    01-26-2015 01:52 PM
  7. crya romeo's Avatar
    01-27-2015 05:42 AM
  8. Con Georgiadis's Avatar
    Pic is edited...try to show the true potential of the camera without Photoshop
    01-27-2015 08:57 AM
  9. crya romeo's Avatar
    Singapore - City Hall by mccrya, on Flickr

    Con Georgiadis, this is for you :
    01-27-2015 11:57 AM
  10. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Expressway Sunset
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    01-27-2015 02:03 PM
  11. gpobernardo's Avatar
    My Ring

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    01-27-2015 02:18 PM
  12. Con Georgiadis's Avatar
    01-27-2015 05:19 PM
  13. Arup Roy Chowdhury's Avatar
    01-28-2015 02:36 AM
  14. Arup Roy Chowdhury's Avatar
    01-28-2015 02:37 AM
  15. realxite's Avatar
    some of my pics... Love my lumia 1020 😍
    Attached Thumbnails 6tag_270115-073054.jpg   6tag_270115-074710.jpg   6tag_270115-132631.jpg   wp_20150125_11_00_39_pro-2-.jpg  
    01-29-2015 10:34 PM
  16. Arup Roy Chowdhury's Avatar
    01-30-2015 12:50 AM
  17. gpobernardo's Avatar
    There's nothing spectacular about this photo, but this is the last photo taken with my L1020. It has just died with the dreaded "Unable to find bootable option" error. Looking forward to having it replaced.
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    01-30-2015 08:33 AM
  18. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Warning: The following photo/s may not be for the faint-hearted.

    The photo was taken several months ago, a few moments after watching my sister's stage act in here theater class. At that moment, the hallway just outside the theater had no people, and since I was in the stage of experimenting with exposure values, I brought my L1020 out and snapped a photo of it.


    At first, it looked like an ordinary photo - nothing really special. My dad, who at that time was taking random photos with his Nikon D300s, happened to take a photo also of the same hallway (but with much better results, of course!). So I went on to justify that at least the L1020 could perform still relatively well under relatively low lighting conditions... which brought my attention to how the lines of the hallway emphasized the vanishing point at the far end. And so I zoomed in, and zoomed in, ...and zoomed in even further... and I was stunned by what I saw.

    Again, the following photo is not for the faint-hearted.

    This is a cropped section of the door at the end of the hallway, and there was something either in the reflection or behind the glass of the door, something that wasn't there when I took the photo, something that couldn't be reproduced either by my L1020 or by the D300s.


    What do you see?
    01-30-2015 07:25 PM
  19. cavour1980's Avatar
    I am newbie in this forum and find this is a magnificent thread with beautiful images.
    I'm trying to give my contribution, but unfortunately cannot post links. Here are two shots taken in Venice, one is a developed DNG file, strongly reduced in size.


    02-02-2015 07:44 AM
  20. Anas Hassan's Avatar
    I was playing with some mobile new lens I bout , its 12 x and this is the pics5.jpg
    02-06-2015 04:53 AM
  21. Blacklac's Avatar
    02-07-2015 01:06 AM
  22. Anas Hassan's Avatar
    zoo visit with my 12x mobile lens and lumia 1020wp_20150207_14_00_32_pro.jpg
    02-07-2015 02:06 PM
  23. Anas Hassan's Avatar
    macro image (using macro lens ) with refocus sofware , lumia 1020
    Attachment 96135
    02-07-2015 02:15 PM
  24. canadoc's Avatar
    Picture at the top of Mont Tremblant cell tower
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20150207_15_33_45_pro.jpg  
    02-07-2015 06:47 PM
  25. LZSchneider's Avatar
    I was playing with some mobile new lens I bout , its 12 x and this is the picsClick image for larger version. 

Name:	5.jpg 
Views:	40 
Size:	289.1 KB 
ID:	95900
    Hey Anas, which 12x zoom lens did you purchase and use for that photo?
    02-08-2015 12:48 PM
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