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    So... initially, my first reaction to the 1020 launch event was-- holy crap that's expensive. No way this competes with the competition. Moreover, after buying the 920 on contract last year, and an HTC Titan the year before, I didn't have a line on my plan that was upgrade eligible... 920 contract expires 11/2014, and Titan contract expires 12/2013. However, today I discovered that the Titan line was eligible for upgrade pricing within the 6 months of expiration time. So I sat and thought about it, and I took a look around. Here's what I realized...

    On contract, it's the same price as a 32GB Apple iPhone 5 and the Galaxy Note II. Only $50 more than the Galaxy S4. So fact... not so expensive after all, and you get so much more out of it with the camera capabilities-- it's like having a high-end Point-and-Shoot for free.

    Off contract you can buy the 1020 for $659. The Galaxy Note II... $649. The Galaxy S4... $669 (32GB). Apple iPhone 5... $749. Holy crap, ouch! Are you freaking kidding me?! I'm gonna pay less than an S4 and punch its pathetic camera in the face? I'm gonna pay WAY LESS than an iPhone 5 and not have to worry about it breaking into tiny pieces just because I gave it a dirty look? OK, deal!

    Look, folks... let's be realistic. The people comparing this to SLR cameras are ignorant. That's not the purpose here. It's a Point-and-Shoot replacement. This is to compete with the P&S cameras running Android. Plain and simple. When you get up in the morning, you're not thinking about, "Gee, I need to remember to grab my phone and my overpriced, underpowered P&S camera." You're thinking, "Let me grab my phone." Well what if you had a phone that was a low-price, well-powered camera? Lumia 1020. Bang!

    So back to my dilemma... I have a 920 on contract until November 2014, but I have an old Titan expiring December 2013... AT&T lets us upgrade as of the 18-month mark of the contract, so woohoo-- I have an eligible contract upgrade. Sweet. I headed over to MicrosoftStore.com and took advantage of the free camera grip case, which only serves to sweeten the deal.

    And on top of the excellent P&S camera capabilities, I get the excellent build quality of a Nokia Lumia, less weight and bulk, more memory, and the Windows Phone 8 experience I already know and love with all the great official and third-party apps I need.

    Whether you're on or off contract, this thing is a no-brainer if it's in your budget. If it's not, then that's why the 920 and 820 are out there and why a lower end is coming. To our friends still considering an iPhone or Galaxy... they're out of their minds!
    07-17-2013 11:37 PM
  2. xconomicron's Avatar
    ^^^^This guy gets it!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting!
    07-18-2013 12:09 AM
  3. GoodThings2Life's Avatar

    What I really find puzzling is the difference between all the people last year who were angry about the 920 not having the 41MP camera and the people (many of them from the same group as before) are the biggest voices against the 1020 this year. I absolutely fail to understand the logic.

    That said, I think if you're on a 920 (as I am now), there's probably not a compelling reason to upgrade to the 1020 unless you just really want the camera. In which case, you're probably willing to pay the price on it. Certainly the 92X series as a whole is fantastic, and if I had been stuck waiting for the fall as I originally thought, I'd be fine with it. Especially since we know there will be something coming in time for the holidays.
    07-18-2013 03:40 PM

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