1. krisguy's Avatar
    I got my 1020 last week (Disclaimer: AT&T employee in a corporate store). It's great, except that I have to have my phone PIN locked. With the addition of the Nokia camera software and it being the default, I have to unlock my phone before it goes into the camera. If I switch the button to the standard WP camera app, I can take photos while unlocked.

    Thought you might want to know about this if you love getting to the camera without unlocking your phone.
    07-25-2013 10:06 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar

    Thanks for sharing that tip. It will be helpful for other people who use PIN lock on their devices.
    07-25-2013 11:54 PM
  3. josemon's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip....!
    07-26-2013 02:29 AM
  4. techiedude007's Avatar
    Thnx for the heads-up Kris!

    I'd be curious to hear back from you how interest and sales after the first few days of release for the 1020 are on the frontlines :)
    07-26-2013 05:20 AM
  5. hwalker84's Avatar
    07-26-2013 07:28 AM

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