1. GreatSaski's Avatar
    After I charge my phone and unplug it, it's at 100%. But after about half an hour it starts displaying it at around 85%. I know it's wrong so I just restart the phone and its back to 100. Anyone know what the reason could be?
    09-17-2013 10:57 AM
  2. tgr42's Avatar
    There have been a number of reports of strange behavior when it comes to the reported battery level. Usually the problem seems to be that it stays frozen at some value for a while and then when you restart the phone it shows its real, lower value. Some people have suggested that some kind of internal service responsible for updating that level sometimes becomes inoperable for whatever reason, but I don't think anyone really knows what's going on behind the scenes.
    09-17-2013 11:55 AM
  3. AzmoD3uS's Avatar
    This is also happening on my Lumia 820, a couple of weeks after updating to Amber.
    09-17-2013 12:10 PM

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