1. husslord's Avatar
    Getting a yellow 1020.... Is a case necessary? I was looking at the charging plate but the rest of the cases add too much bulk it seems the plate rests flat on surfaces.... Any help would be appreciated!
    10-28-2013 11:04 PM
  2. Jazmac's Avatar
    Yes. Cases are always needed for cell phones. IMHO.
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    10-28-2013 11:42 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    It's really up to you, depending on what type of environment you'll be using your device, and how accident prone you tend to be.

    I usually like to use cases, even though I'm not accident prone and don't have kids or pets. However, I never take insurance on mobile devices. Using a case will also help with resale value if one ever plans to sell a device, since the case will prevent cosmetic damage like scratches.
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    10-28-2013 11:44 PM
  4. husslord's Avatar
    I usually use them too, my issue is finding one that keeps the screen slightly lifted when on a flat service as well as the camera. The speck case does this but is too bulky IMO.... Any recommendations?
    10-29-2013 12:00 AM
  5. TheCrazySwede's Avatar
    Been using mine (Black) without a case since day one. No problems. Just don't let gravity get the best of it.
    10-29-2013 12:04 AM
  6. Nick_1020's Avatar
    Not a fan of cases and haven't really used a screen protector before and my phones have lived to tell the tale in one piece. However, after my 920 picked up a couple of scratches on the screen without being dropped, I decided to, at the very least, use a screen protector. I found Screenproof through this forum and they sell clear screen and body protectors which are applied when wet. It's a little fiddly but once it has dried and set, it's very difficult to tell that there's a screen protector on the phone. No bubbles or lifts anywhere.
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    10-29-2013 06:37 AM
  7. jeetu4444's Avatar
    OLX Mobile

    Try out these cases. They come with screen guard :) . I got one really nice and doesn't add any bulk to it.
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    11-08-2013 11:36 AM
  8. palandri's Avatar
    Yes. Cases are always needed for cell phones. IMHO.

    It protects the phone from scratches and potential damage from an accidental drop. I can't count the number of times I've seen a post here dealing with accidental drops where somebody says, "I was getting out of my car and my phone slip out of my pocket, it only fell 3 ft and screen shattered.
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    11-08-2013 11:57 AM
  9. husslord's Avatar
    OLX Mobile

    Try out these cases. They come with screen guard :) . I got one really nice and doesn't add any bulk to it.
    I wwas looking at those but heard the flash was being affected by the surrounding case....i got the poetic clear case for now....nice camera hump so I can lay it down but the bottom of the case on the front the cheap rubber is hanging im going to email them for a new one!
    11-08-2013 10:51 PM
  10. jeetu4444's Avatar
    Bro iam using it...there is no problem with flash. Try it.

    Sent from my RM-875_im_india_230 using Tapatalk
    11-09-2013 07:00 AM
  11. buxz777's Avatar
    yep I have the case in black and no probs with the flash its a nice case apart from the front of the corners are a bit exposed ;-)
    11-09-2013 09:43 AM
  12. FCone's Avatar
    I use a screen protector and place my phone down on the face. That way my camera hump is not scratched.

    I did drop the phone once and dinged the two top corners. Its flat white... A few min with a fine sanding block cleared it right up!
    11-09-2013 11:29 AM
  13. KingJohnEngland's Avatar
    I bought a phone sock, not sure if that black lens surround will get scratched
    11-09-2013 01:35 PM
  14. Siddharth Ramakrishnan's Avatar
    Well had a case but not used for a day and dropped on that day and got a dent in corners . Now back to case and have no idea to remove it.

    Sent from my RM-875_im_india_230 using Tapatalk
    11-09-2013 03:16 PM
  15. Killer BIGxyz's Avatar
    With my past experiences with Nokia devices, a case is not needed, but a screen protector is highly recommended by me. (all my Nokia bodies are perfect, except I cracked 2 920 screens)
    11-09-2013 03:33 PM

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