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    So to make sure I have an understanding because I think I'm doing this wrong.

    The Nokia Camera is best used when I want to Zoom in later on a photo and have the ultimate MP for my pictures.

    The regular camera is used basically for basic shots.

    Nokia Smart Cam is used for action shots or shots that's moving? As trying to catch action shots with Nokia Camera or the regular camera gives you blurry photos.

    Nokia Refocus is for what??

    The Nokia Camera is best used for Video Recording correct? However, when recording video or when there is a lot of movement, the phone constantly tried to focus and refocus causing the video to not be as clear. Is this a defect or how the phone is supposed to act?

    Hopefully someone can make this simpler for me. Sorry if this seems jumbled.
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    12-08-2013 05:47 PM
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    Install refocus and experiment or look at the video how to on You Tube.
    Refocus is to focus on a something to draw the viewers eye to a specific object or bit of landscape with the ability
    to change the focus area to something else post production. For Video use the basic video and you can turn off continues focus.
    Also most when using a video camera (any video camera) pan WAY TOO FAST slow it down to a crawl and the focus will have time to
    lock onto the object and (most) everything will be clear, you're viewing on a small screen and perspective is distorted, you shoot to show on a TV or PC not that tiny screen.
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    12-08-2013 09:27 PM

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