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    I know there are a lots of posts on the battery life of the 1020, but my attempt here is to get a stats-only thread that can help someone who thinks their 1020 is suffering from a battery issue. So if you guys can post the stats in the following format, it would be of great use and can become a one stop repository for every new 1020 user:-

    1. Software version
    2. Firmware version
    3. Background Tasks enabled
    4. BT/Wi-fi/DATA/location on or not
    5. Usage pattern - calls, surfing, app usage
    6. Average battery charge/recharge cycle
    7. If you initially had a battery issue, what fixed it? example- 'n' charge/recharge cycles, rogue app closed/disabled, battery replacement, phone replacement

    If I have missed out on anything please add to the list. The idea is to capture quantitative information at one place!

    12-27-2013 03:37 AM

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