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    I'd love to get some opinions. I've been living with the 820 was a little under a year, and I have to say I've become fully enamored with Windows Phone. Of course, as a Mac user, it needs some serious syncing improvements, but I like the direction Microsoft and Nokia have been taking. Now, my biggest issue with the 820 is the rather paltry camera in comparison to the 720, 920, and of course, the 1020. As well-built as the device is, the camera had me disappointed from the get go. Dare I say I've yielded some nicer results with my 520 under the right conditions.

    I can snag an unlocked 1020 from eBay for a little under $400. The big question is whether or not that's worth it. I'm moving to Germany in a couple months, so I can't have an AT&T locked device, otherwise I could snag it for $300-- I'm apprehensive to buy it locked if the unlock code search turns out to be a bust. Unfortunately, Cellunlocker and places like that ask for an IMEI code to see if the phone is unlockable, and as I don't have the phone, I can't get a 100% guarantee.

    Second issue: I have about 70GB on my 820 because of the expandable memory. I've recently begun really using Skydrive as a back-up source, but as far as I'm aware, Skydrive won't back up the highest quality image on the 1020 (RAW), so that's kind of a moot point. I mostly use my device for music storage and playback, but I also take a healthy share of photos. Does anybody feel like the 32GB is too meager? And if so, do you find the operating system bogs down due to lack of space (this was a MAJOR problem on my Nexus when I approached maxing it out).

    And one last question, do you find yourself taking more photos because of the camera, or is it about the same now that the hype has died down.
    03-06-2014 09:26 AM

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