1. mukhlisviovix's Avatar
    Hye all,

    I want to ask for technical advises or support. My phone, Nokia Lumia 1020, accidentally fall a couple of times already. Once or twice, it hits the round black back camera section.
    And now, the image quality produced every time i shoot a photo was reduced.
    - The photo isn't sharp as usual or as the time i first bought the phone
    - When previewing the photo, there were a lot of color noise, and somewhat like color lines and lines before shooting the photo. And very noticeable during mid to low light condition or when i shoot a video (it never happened before)
    - When zooming during recording a video, there were lags like zooming one by one. Not smooth like usual (again, it never happened before)

    So, i want to ask for technical advises, what should i do? Can it be repaired? Do i need to send it to Nokia Centre? How long usually will it take to repair the phone if i send it to Nokia Centre? Or does it only need to format the phone or something else?

    I am a photographer. So the image quality produced from the Lumia 1020 before was outstanding! But now i'm quite depressed and disappointed with the image produced by my phone now. So the image quality matters a lot to me.

    Thank You,
    03-14-2014 11:43 AM
  2. Cheewii Poon's Avatar
    Are you sure there aren't other factors contributing to this downgrade in quality? I know sometimes updates to the OS affect image quality. All the problems you had with it could be easily attributed to software changes: Sharpness and noise is half-dependent on the post processing, and zooming in whether during photo or video is all in the software, so even if you broke the glass of your lens it shouldn't affect zooming as there isn't any actual optical zooming going on. Seems like a software problem/Nokia Camera update problem, and if it is a software problem, Nokia Centre could fix it. However, if you really did cause some internal damage to the lens/sensor/image stabilization (which could explain a lot of the problems you're having except for zoom), then they won't do anything about it because it is physical damage.

    Best of luck!
    03-15-2014 11:00 AM
  3. Live2Deliver's Avatar
    Pardon me.

    Are you very sure that things has really gone bad, after controlled testing, and you are not being over paranoid because your phone had some bad falls?
    Have you tried shooting the same pictures and compare it to the first shots you have taken? I'm saying these because sometimes 'bad photos' or 'spoilt devices' could be due to thoughts of anxiety, for perfection.

    Just pointing out the other possibilities.
    03-16-2014 12:50 PM

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