1. Matthew Moore4's Avatar
    I'm about two months into my ownership of my Yellow Nokia Lumia 1020 (after four years with various iPhones), and it's by far my favorite phone ever. I did, however, manage to get some superficial scratches on the screen. I attempted to I use iDrops to buff the scratches out, and aside from being completely ineffective, I think I messed up/removed the oleophobic coating. What once was a pristine screen now seems to easily smudge and is a fingerprint magnet.

    Anyhow, I stumbled upon Fusso Coat, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it, or any other anti-oil type coatings for the Lumia. And yes, I know I could have just used a screen protector.
    03-17-2014 08:51 PM
  2. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    03-17-2014 09:46 PM
  3. JaimitoFrog's Avatar
    happened to me too. now I just put on a nice screen protector and you wont notice it.
    03-18-2014 02:58 AM
  4. jay6600's Avatar
    For scratched glass screens i think the screen protectors are only solution, those lens scratch remover products are only for phones with plastic screen lens thats got scratches ,
    they polish the scratches out with very fine abrasive,

    here in uk we have a metal cleaner polish named "Brasso" that does the same job ,used in on many scrated cd's aswell :-)
    03-18-2014 03:36 PM

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