1. Kim Diedrichsen's Avatar
    Hi again! I just found this very interresting free software from the MIT labs.
    It takes a video file and compares pixels to enhance/reveal Colour/movement not noticed by the human eye.
    Example. a video of a sleeping baby reveals the heartbeat as pulsing colours, the minute colour change as the capillars get filled and drained with blood
    with each heart beat shows very clearly.
    The many applications for this software has not yet been tested, but you can try it for yourself and be on the leading edge on sceince.
    Maybe something new about the secret life of plants or other almost static objects can be revealed.
    It seems that the high sensor pixel count of the 1020 would be perfect for this software, but im no expert.
    I have downloaded the 2 files required for the programme but im not clever enough to figure out what to do next, the software is supposed to have a
    interface, but i only managed to find a command line promt and im panicking everytine i see those.
    So im hoping someone here will find interrest in this and pick it up, and maybe post a short tutorial for the commandline inapt people.

    Eulerian Video Magnification

    MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) - MATLAB Compiler - MathWorks Nordic

    These are the links to the 2 downloads. you have to run a 64 bit computer to make it work.

    Have fun.
    03-23-2014 07:31 PM
  2. thebcooper's Avatar
    Very cool find!

    It seems not to have an interface (not sure where you are seeing that).
    If you open up the "README" in the "EVM_Matlab_bin-1.1" folder, and scroll down to "To Process your own videos", it will give you the instructions on what to do.
    If on windows, you would open up the start menu and type in "cmd" (without quotes) and press enter. It will bring up a command prompt for you.
    Take a note of whatever directory the extracted files are in (mainly "evm.exe"), and then type into the command prompt:
    cd C:\Path\to\containing\folder
    Replacing all the paths with the path to the directory it is in.
    In my case, it is in C:\Tests\EVM.

    then, after it is in there, run this command just as a sample (if you have a video file in the same folder)
    evm.exe C:\Tests\EVM\myVideoFile.mp4 C:\Tests\EVM 30 140/60 160/60 150 ideal 1 6

    Keep in mind that isn't tested, just guessing about it, and from a quick skim of the reproudce_results.bat (I haven't tried it out yet, I'm installing the compiler runtime it so desperately needs. It may work by just opening up the program evm.exe :P ).

    The README does a pretty good job of explaining the usage and what the different options mean though, so messing around with the options shouldn't be too hard from there on out, to see what different results you can get. Just remember, keep the options in the same order as the README shows, otherwise it will get mad at you and not work.
    Last edited by thebcooper; 03-23-2014 at 10:49 PM. Reason: read the actual .bat included in it as well...
    03-23-2014 10:34 PM
  3. Kim Diedrichsen's Avatar
    Thx Cooper. It will take me some slow reading to comprehend what you are trying to explain"yes im that daft" english is a second language to me, and when it gets to technical
    i get a brain melt.
    About the interface. I found the software on a forum that i frequent visit "ATS" the people there tries to analyse UFO and ALIEN videos "yeah i know not for everybody lol"
    And the tread that im linking to seems to show the use of a interface with sliders and values to mess with, But i cant seem to find that interface myself.
    But im Happy that you seem to get the basics of the ideea behind the program, and im hoping to see you post any results that you have made.
    I find this very very interresting.
    New Eulerian Video Magnification technology applied to Alien Interview Video. What do you, page 4
    03-23-2014 11:34 PM
  4. thebcooper's Avatar
    No worries, if you do end up needing more help I can try and explain in even simpler terms and expound on the details (just did a quick overview as I had not tried it yet).

    For the interface, it seems they are using this:
    Videoscope - QRCLab
    which was linked in the first link in the original post.

    I will try and mess around with the command line tool later tomorrow when I have a chance (busy couple of days though), and upload some test videos to youtube if all goes well.

    Cool thread, my brother would love that sort of thing to do with aliens in general, I probably shouldn't show it to him otherwise he will break out his tinfoil hat again (literally).
    03-23-2014 11:56 PM
  5. Kim Diedrichsen's Avatar
    Searching the MIT page i found several more interresting new softwares for picture editing.
    One of the more interresting is a method to smooth timelaps recordings by using some rather clever trickery.
    Those are some clever people, and one of my new favorite sites.

    Motion Denoising with Application to Time-lapse Photography

    Check it out.
    Btw i still need to find a app for the 1020 that can make interval shots with selectable shutter time up to the 4 sec's possible.
    Any suggestions?
    03-24-2014 12:04 AM
  6. thebcooper's Avatar
    Well that is quite cool, I think figuring out something like that would make my head explode, and I already do programming for a living. Abet, not so good on the quick draw math and equations all the time. So many cool things to play around with!

    For the app for taking interval shots, I'm afraid I don't know. I have heard Proshot can do time lapse, although I have not tried it out personally.
    03-24-2014 12:14 AM
  7. Kim Diedrichsen's Avatar
    Thanks i will try and do some research on proshot.
    I managed with your help to find the videoscope interface, and made a wrist pulse video to check it out. with some tweaking it looks pretty nice.not nice enough to share though..lol
    But i had some initial trouble, i made my first video, but i had no luck finding the file when i connected my phone to pc.
    So i uploaded the file to skydrive"compressed" and then downloaded it to my desktop, long way i know, Where are my video files on the phone.
    folder shows 0 megs used? but it shows when i browse my phone.
    Btw. if your brother is a ufo nut chances are he knows ATS already, But if not, dont tempt him, there are some pretty wacky types on that forum...lol
    03-24-2014 12:34 AM

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