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    Hi All,

    Just got a brand new (straight from ATT fresh out of the box) Lumia 1020. Usually they come with a decent enough charge left in them to turn them on and go through setup etc.. however this one seemed totally dead so I figured the battery must have run out.

    I plug it in to the wall using the charger that came with the phone and nothing happens, I switch over to plugging in via USB to my computer and the computer does recognize and install the drivers however the 1020 will not start.

    I have noticed that the home (windows) button is blinking repeatedly and I assume that means its trying to charge however a few things

    The windows button does not blink when plugged in to the wall socket, when plugged in via my USB hub the windows button blinks long slow blinks, when plugged directly in to my computers USB port the windows button blink short fast blinks.

    Any idea how long I should give it an what the best method of trying to get this thing charged (wall socket vs computer) before calling support?


    04-16-2014 01:35 PM
  2. moirane's Avatar
    of course literally 2 seconds after posting this the phone vibrated and I got the low batter icon so I am now thinking I just need to be more patient.. and as I as typing that the phone booted up and is at the welcome screen.

    Please disregard entire thread


    04-16-2014 01:36 PM

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