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11-21-2014 06:46 AM
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  1. Scopes64's Avatar
    I have been having random power down / reboot issues with my Lumina 1020 for a few months now, usually once every 24 hours.. They haven't caused any issues on 8.0 (black update) as after the random power down the phone just rebooted and was left on the access point select screen, thus meaning alarms still go off and the correct time maintained.

    Since I tried the 8.1 preview the phone would randomly power down (usually once every 24 hours) but not reboot and would remain off and would require a soft reset (vol down + power) to reboot. The downside here is alarms don't go off and calls are missed etc.

    I have tried all the suggestion on here and other forums but no joy. I currently have a new sim on order to rule out the sim (note the sim I use has previously been cut down to nano and now sits in a micro adaptor), the sim may work bu I don't hold out to much hope.

    Are any others having similar issues and maybe found a "real" fix?

    My phone details

    64gig Lumina 1020 Black
    OS 8.0.10517.150. h/w h/w revision radio 3.2.04047.1
    04-25-2014 10:40 AM
  2. NokiaBeast's Avatar
    I purchased a 1020 through a corporate ATT store two weeks ago today and it worked great--until today. The phone was working normally and then just shut off while it was in my pants pocket with the Qi wireless charging case attached. When I hit the power button, nothing happened so I pressed the volume down and power buttons simultaneously and held them until the phone started to reboot. Unfortunately, the phone would get to the ATT screen, then the Nokia screen and shut down again (not on the wireless charger). I tried the same procedure again with the phone on the charger and it would go through those two screens and shut down repeatedly, then start the whole process over again, never getting past the Nokia screen. Since I was 12 hours over my 14 day trial period with ATT, I took it back to a corporate store and got a new replacement phone.

    My question is--I had updated to 8.1 preview and I wonder if that had something to do with the phone's behavior. I didn't mention that fact in the store. Would you suggest not updating the new replacement phone to 8.1? If so, it's going to be tough getting along without Cortana and all the new goodies WP 8.1 brought. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help you may offer.
    04-25-2014 06:08 PM
  3. Scopes64's Avatar
    I have had random restarts on both 8.0 and 8.1.

    This morning i inserted a replacement SIM to see if my reboots are sim related. So far so good.
    04-26-2014 08:23 AM
  4. Scopes64's Avatar
    24 hours and no reboot. Looks like the replacement SIM has resolved my problem
    04-27-2014 03:06 AM
  5. MarkusV's Avatar
    I have had the same reboot problems with my lumia 1020. I noticed that Glance was causing the problem. Put the glance to off and phone has been worked just fine.. until last saturday and for some reason it started to reboot again. now i don't know why it's doing it. I heard for another person that he has had reboot problems with another Nokia windows 8 phone and the problem in that one was wifi. It rebooted the phone if Wifi was on.
    04-29-2014 10:06 AM
  6. Dominique Gagnon's Avatar
    Exactly. After some tries and fooling around with glance, wi-fi, Skype, and others settings/apps, I can say that wi-fi is the culprit. Every freeze/shutdown happens when wi-fi is ON. It never happens when Wi-Fi is OFF. And this issue occurs since day one of WP8.1. If you guys can try it and let us know if I am correct, we can hope it will be fixed when the new Nokia firmware (cyan?) will be release.
    04-30-2014 07:55 AM
  7. prasath1234's Avatar
    Ya freeze happens because of Wi-Fi on.:thumbup::D:p

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    04-30-2014 10:27 AM
  8. MarkusV's Avatar
    My phone has now worked 3 days without reboot when i uninstalled glance and reinstalled it.
    05-01-2014 01:14 AM
  9. Scopes64's Avatar
    How do you uninstall glance?
    05-01-2014 01:35 AM
  10. MarkusV's Avatar
    change the year to 2106 or above in the date and time settings and then go to the settings and click on the glance, it will inform you that it has a problem and there will be 2 buttons. Uninstall and Buy. Click uninstall and after that change the year back or put the automatic time and date update on. You can reinstall the glance with sysapp pusher software.
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    05-03-2014 05:23 AM
  11. deansmilk's Avatar
    Bumping this back up. Ive had this problem since 8.0 ( 8.1 now ). Like the op, mine just stays off as well. My girlfriend also has the 1020 ( 8.0 - 8.1 ) and hers has never randomly shut down. So one poster in this thread says replacing the sim worked and another says its Glance. These are two totally different "fixes". Are they still working for you guys? What could be the actual reason why this is happening, and who can we contact to find the reason?
    05-23-2014 05:47 PM
  12. Dominique Gagnon's Avatar
    I ended it by calling my carrier (Rogers, canada) and asking for a replacement. Since I have the new device, I did not experience any other freeze / reboot or any behavior. I think it is a hardware issue, not a Windows phone 8.1 issue. It just started to freeze at the same time I installed wp8.1.
    05-23-2014 06:46 PM
  13. deansmilk's Avatar
    I ended it by calling my carrier (Rogers, canada) and asking for a replacement. Since I have the new device, I did not experience any other freeze / reboot or any behavior. I think it is a hardware issue, not a Windows phone 8.1 issue. It just started to freeze at the same time I installed wp8.1.
    I was hoping you wouldn't say that, ha. My only option is to send it to Nokia under its manufacturing warranty. Ahh well. I wish there was an answer as to why its doing this. I find it strange that 8.1 doesnt even reboot after it shuts down, while 8.0 did?
    Last edited by deansmilk; 05-23-2014 at 11:48 PM.
    05-23-2014 07:52 PM
  14. w00cash1020's Avatar
    I sent it to Nokia 3rd time and all they did twice was reinstall software... Now I want my phone replaced and Im willing to go to bloody court with it.
    05-24-2014 12:33 PM
  15. MarkusV's Avatar
    I actually also had to send my phone to repair and they sended to vendor service center so i'm waiting to get some info or new phone from there. Those repairs worked for few days and started to act up again so that's why i sended it to repair.
    05-26-2014 09:10 AM
  16. Scopes64's Avatar
    Well as the OP i have to say my problems are back. I cant go to 8.1 as the random boots leave my phone off and only a vol down+power reset can wake up my phone.

    So i am now back on 8.0 and still have random reboots bit at least the phone just restarts.

    Lets home the cyan update (firmware and 8.1) fixes this problem.
    05-28-2014 02:07 PM
  17. vilmusius's Avatar
    I sent it to Nokia 3rd time and all they did twice was reinstall software... Now I want my phone replaced and Im willing to go to bloody court with it.
    I am in the same position...Just sad, cause I do like the phone. When it works that is...
    05-28-2014 02:59 PM
  18. deansmilk's Avatar
    It must be hardware and software related. Just for the simple fact that 8.0 will shut down and restart while 8.1 does not. I wish repair would give you guys a specific answer as to what the issue is. I'm in a tuff spot because I can't send my phone in right now for business reasons. I can't be without the thing.
    05-29-2014 07:17 PM
  19. MarkusV's Avatar
    I just got my phone back and the repair info. "we did not find any problems from the phone during our test. We factory reset the phone and installed updated version on it"... so nothing basically was done to it. I will test the phone and see if it's working, maybe they have some never version of the Lumia Black which works better.
    05-30-2014 07:28 AM
  20. Asfalloth's Avatar
    I had my Lumia 1020 for about 4 hours from new before loading 8.1 Preview.

    I had lots of problems which mainly consisted of multiple reboots at very frequent intervals which pretty much rendered the phone unusable.

    I decided to go back to 8.0 using Nokia recovery. All was well but on an off chance I decided to immediately do the 8.1 update again, hoping that it may have been the previous upgrade procedure that upset the whole thing before.

    I was right. My 1020 is rock solid on 8.1 now, and I even got the only app I was upset about not having today, namely Whatsapp.

    If I can assist anyone with any details please drop me a line.

    Kind regards.
    05-31-2014 03:08 PM
  21. unternull's Avatar
    I get the same issue on my 1520, 1020 and 925. For some reason 8.1 makes it completely unstable, It randomly reboots constantly and sometimes wont even power on to the point where I have to do the reset trick.
    05-31-2014 07:36 PM
  22. laosole's Avatar
    I am sorry but this is a the worst bug that a mobile device can have. This issue is been there for some time now for Nokia devices. I have changed the device twice but the problem still exists which means is a software problem. In the Net there are many unsatisfied buyers
    I would personally never recommend nokia for doctors because this is the most unreliable mobile due to this issue. I will get rid off mine 1020 and I will go for Samsung ATIV as I love win mob.
    06-01-2014 01:35 AM
  23. MarkusV's Avatar
    My phone has now worked almost 3 days without reboot and actually battery consumption has gone down. There is still over a day left in the battery so it's going to last around 3 days with one charge. Before it went to the repair battery lasted 1 day barely. So something is different. I think they have some different version of WP 8.0 in the repair which they uploaded to my phone.

    I noticed that almost all the Nokia software's are old in that version but it's not saying in the store that there is updates on those but if you search for those software's I can update those so I don't know.
    06-01-2014 02:41 AM
  24. w00cash1020's Avatar
    Mine restarts on 8.0. No magical software loaded up in the Nokia Care helped.
    06-01-2014 05:36 AM
  25. MarkusV's Avatar
    Yeah I actually spoked too soon. When Sunday turned in to night and i was going to bed i noticed a familiar blue screen on my phone.. rebooot. So i think i will test the phone few days and send it back to the repair.
    06-01-2014 10:20 PM
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