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    So some of you may know that I have been looking to use the Nokia Camera Group with BeastGrip. I have tried various cables blah blah blah but in the end the only solution was a more permanent change... I present to you the BeastGrip Mini (at least that is my name for it);

    BeastGrip Mini-1 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-2 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-3 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-4 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-5 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-6 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-7 by Crasstoe, on Flickr

    As you can see there was some pretty substantial cutting with a hacksaw but I am chuffed with the results! It is a lot smaller than it is as standard and enables me to adopt a more traditional position when taking a shot rather than the smartphone pose we are all familiar with. Now to test with the DOF adapter!
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    07-13-2014 07:20 AM
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    And test I did;

    Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm
    BeastGrip Mini-10 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-11 by Crasstoe, on Flickr

    Optomax 200mm
    BeastGrip Mini-12 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-13 by Crasstoe, on Flickr

    Also played with a 12.5x Diopter, very pleasing results;

    BeastGrip Mini-14 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-15 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-16 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-17 by Crasstoe, on Flickr
    BeastGrip Mini-23 by Crasstoe, on Flickr

    If you view the original sizes on Flickr, you can see each eye on the fly!

    Making the grip smaller and adding the ability to use the physical shutter button has made this so much easier to hold steady. Very pleased.
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    07-13-2014 12:32 PM
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    You're the beast! Remarkable feat and nice photos. I especially like the reflections in your/the eye.
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    07-14-2014 09:56 AM
  4. Crasstoe's Avatar
    Thank you, It was a surprisingly easy shot to get. If I had a little more light then my pupil wouldn't have been so massive... looks like I'm on something!

    Can't believe how much steadier it is to use with the physical shutter button rather than using the on screen button... I plan on trying to catch the moon tonight - I will update with results.
    07-14-2014 10:48 AM

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