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    Hey, does anyone else experience a black line on the top and bottom of the "low-res" images cropped with Nokia Camera Beta? I have not tested it with all aspect ratios, but it is evident in the 4:3 format. I'm running WP 8.1 dev prev. and latest Nokia Camera Beta with rule of thirds grid, 4:3 format and JPEG (5 MP + 38 MP) mode. The black lines in top and bottom are not added to the original uncropped low-res image. The lines are visible when adding the image to a website with a white background and difficult to spot on the phone itself as both the camera roll and editing apps use a black background. "Re-cropping" the image using Fotor with the same 4:3 aspect ratio removes the black lines leading me to think there's is something wrong with the aspect ratio formula in Nokia Camera beta itself. The non beta app does not produce these lines, but i prefer using the beta because of better white balance handling. How does one go about reporting this issue to the app developers?
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