05-30-2015 11:23 AM
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  1. JANGEL13's Avatar
    Now I am facing another problem, My phone is getting discharged very fast.
    I charged it to 100% and within 6hrs the battery percentage dropped to 0%(Phone turned OFF automatically due to low battery).
    Please Help!!
    You will have to find a thread about your specific phone and battery issues
    10-23-2014 11:12 AM
  2. Jim Conway1's Avatar
    I've been trying to connect my 1020 to do a rollback from windows 10 to 8.1. My phone just would not be recognised by the computer, no matter what I tried. I've been through every solution that this forum has suggested, without any luck.
    I think I've solved it. Well at least the computer no see's my phone.
    I had and old usb hub and connected the phone through that. Hey presto it worked. Having a bit trouble with the rollback though, but at least the computer allows me to access the phone.

    Hope this helps.
    05-30-2015 08:54 AM
  3. LondonLumia's Avatar
    With regards to the failing Apps + Settings backup, I had an issue where it would stop at 96% and fail, apparently it was a common bug. A solution I found online for that particular bug was to delete the already-existing backup from OneDrive and back it up again. Interestingly though, these 'failed' backups would still appear on my OneDrive, looking as if nothing went wrong. Never did have to try them out, though.
    Appreciate this is quite late, but if anyone else has that issue, it could be worth checking to see if that backup that failed actually has appeared on OneDrive - if it has, the backup might have completed but a bug might have caused the phone to believe it failed?
    05-30-2015 10:50 AM
  4. jagdeep chohan's Avatar
    My girlfriend and I went on a big trip around Europe recently, and she has a Lumia 1020 (I have a Lumia Icon). Over the last few months, she has not been able to back up her data, apps, photos, etc. properly. It has been hit or miss.

    Now, she wants to connect her phone to her computer to import the photos and videos to her computer. However, connecting her phone does nothing other than charge it. No prompt comes up, no device is recognized, not even in device manager. Nothing happens at all. It only charges.

    Microsoft suggested a hard reset of the whole phone. But that would mean losing all of the data she has, including the very important photos from our trip. They suggested to back up to the cloud, but OneDrive backups have been unreliable, as only some of her photos actually get backed up, and when she tries to create a new backup of settings+apps, it gets to 100% and then says there was a problem and fails.

    She can't back anything up and the only solution seems to be a hard reset, in order to get her phone to connect to her computer again.

    And yes, we tried a different USB cable, computer, etc. and the problem seems to be with the device. The drivers are not downloading to the computer when she connects her device. MS suggests it could be the device.

    05-30-2015 11:21 AM
  5. jagdeep chohan's Avatar
    Even I face the same problem. I did hard reset, but the problem still exists. Nokia centre could not help me and told me that they don't know what this problem is all about.
    05-30-2015 11:23 AM
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