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    Hello Everyone,

    For the past few weeks I have been having a number of issues with my 1020 mostly revolving around overall speed. First off, since I got the CYAN update (US customer on ATT btw), "living images" have never worked. I have the up to date firmware and everything and whenever I take a picture, it's just a normal picture. Is there a setting I need to adjust somewhere to make Living Images work, I do believe they are supposed to work on the 1020?

    Now as for speed issues, I was using the Lock Screen Beta app as I liked how it made the lock screen look. I started to notice it was causing my screen to give the "resuming...." nearly every time I turned it on. Plus after I swiped up to use the phone, the screen went black for about a second before I could do anything. I read something about this happening so I got rid of LS Beta. That got rid of the "resuming...." issue as well as the screen going black problem. I then installed LockMix (I believe that was what it's called), which worked as advertised for about a day and then the "resuming..." started again every time I turned on the screen, so I removed that and am now just back to plain old photo lock screens. With nothing installed at all for the lock screen it is still doing the "resuming" thing about 70% of the time when I use the phone, even right after I turn the phone on and nothing is possibly running. Additionally, a lot of games/apps have been locking up and freezing recently that up till a few weeks ago never had issues.

    My question is, at this point, I fear the only fix is to do a hard reset on the phone and hope that fixes my issues. The problem with that is to my understanding when you hard reset the phone you lose all personal data and app saves. This is not a huge issue for the most part but there are a few games/apps that I have sunk a lot of time into and if I reset the phone, I have to start all over on them and I don't really want to do that. Does anyone know a way to reset the phone without losing saved states on the phone? I have had the phone for 14 months and have never had any issues like this until a couple weeks ago. If there is not a way to do the hard reset and keep my saved states, does anyone have any suggestions I can try to troubleshoot the phone in general just to speed it up?

    Honestly, if I have to suck it up and lose everything I have on it, I will just leave it as is for a few weeks and get the 830 when it comes to ATT. I am not much of a great photo taker so the weaker camera means nothing to me, I just want a faster phone really.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.
    10-10-2014 03:23 PM

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