1. ArcticArrow's Avatar
    Hi mate, I know I have been posting a lot, but finally I got 3 offers and I need to make a decision quick, but it's hard. Wanna have your input.

    3 Offers.

    Offer 1: 1020 32GB White, with Camera Grip, bought on 17/02/2014 $316

    Offter 2a: 1020 64GB Black, unknown warranty, $404

    Offer 2b: 1020 64GB Black, with Camera Grip, unknown warranty, $442.

    I am not sure if the 64Gb is worth the money, espeically I personally want a sharp color like White

    Besides, not sure if the Camera Grip is worth it too.

    Appreciate your input.
    10-11-2014 09:48 AM
  2. several potatos's Avatar
    The camera grip has a second battery, and is more ergonomic. The Lumia 1020 takes really large picture files because of the resolution. Personally, I'd spend the money and get the 64gb with camera grip.
    10-11-2014 10:48 AM

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