1. Marquis de Faux's Avatar
    I am going to buy a 1020, but before I do so, I would like see what you would suggest for a case.

    I don't want the camera hump to get scratched up, so this case should cover the edge of the camera hump so that it is not resting on the table.
    01-20-2015 08:18 PM
  2. Qtweeder's Avatar
    i just bought the "Nillkin Super Scrub Shield Shell Hard Cover Case for Nokia Lumia 1020 - Black" for my new 1020 and it actually covers the camera hump, not just a cut out, it has its own hump so as to protect the original one, nice grippy back, highly recommended.
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    01-21-2015 06:53 AM
  3. RTGent's Avatar
    I have four/three types for my black beauty, and like them all:
    2 of these, in orange and teal: Robot Check
    1 of these, in navy: Robot Check
    1 of these, in purple: Robot Check

    I mostly alternate between the 2 KLIXs. There appears to be less color availability on these now/today, at least at Amazon, or on my quick search. Enjoy your 1020!

    Edit: I purchased mine through Amazon, although one of the KLIX colors had to come directly from Empire.
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    01-21-2015 09:16 AM
  4. pipe7's Avatar
    Agree on the Nillkin case - probably the best quality slim snap cases you can buy. The fact that it covers the camera hump is good and bad. Good for protection, but it also raises the hump a little too much. i like my phone to lie as flat as possible, but obviously with a 1020 thats not completely possible to acheive.

    I also bought a few different colours of these (I like to change up my cases often), pretty good quality for the price. The soft "sand" feels and looks really nice, but it will wear off on the edges eventually. But at this price they're pretty much disposable. Quicksand Hard Back Snap on Case Cover Skin for Nokia Lumia 1020 US | eBay

    Bought one of these too: Unique Black Wood Cork Phone Case Cover Faceplate for Nokia Lumia 1020 Screen | eBay
    Looks cool, very unique. But it does make the phone a little thick.
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    01-21-2015 09:43 AM

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