1. Steve Adams's Avatar
    I am wanting to update to w10, is the latest version stable enough for a daily driver?
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    08-14-2015 08:57 AM
  2. billhatter's Avatar
    Yes. I've actually been using it as my daily driver since .166 or the one before.

    The ONLY glaring hole I've found is that you lose RAW support when taking pictures. So if you use it as a camera that is also a phone, beware that problem.

    There are, obviously, some minor issues that need addressing, such as the delay when unlocking, and showing the start screen take an extra amount of time, but IMHO it's stable enough for daily use.
    08-14-2015 11:27 AM
  3. Steve Adams's Avatar
    Well, I don't mind raw missing. I don't use it anyways. just JPEG. I may go for it.
    08-14-2015 01:11 PM
  4. seraphim19's Avatar
    W10 on my 1020 is EXTREMELY slow. ..

    eg, i push the unlock button and the lock screen takes nearly 4-5 seconds to display the time/date and allow me to unlock the phone.

    i get "loading" on nearly everything i do.

    battery life is horrendous, it was idle on my desk for 5 hours and went from 100% to 21%. Battery Saver indicates an unknown/non-labled program consuming all of my power.

    Any thoughts on this?
    08-14-2015 01:18 PM
  5. Steve Adams's Avatar
    From what I have been reading, a hard reset will fix most of your problems.
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    08-14-2015 01:43 PM
  6. Steve Adams's Avatar
    Im about 75 percent sure I am going for it.
    08-14-2015 01:44 PM
  7. Steve Adams's Avatar
    Done the first update. seems to be a good system, I had to do a hard reset so my wifi etc would work.
    08-14-2015 04:35 PM
  8. Steve Adams's Avatar
    After using w10 for a while, I am not going back to 8.1. its awesome. I am on build 10166 and im not sure if im going to 10512 yet. I will wait for the small wrinkles to be ironed out.
    08-15-2015 12:26 PM
  9. Chuck Black2's Avatar
    well, it hard bricked my 1020 to the point that it will not connect to any usb, so no recovery or ffutool flashing nothing will work, ive got a 1020 hockey puck.

    It was:
    - first no data connectivity
    - soft reset doesn't work
    - didn't boot at all after hard reset, gears then sad face loop
    - the phone will go to flash mode / lightning screen, but still won't connect to usb
    - windows recovery tool can't connect
    - nokia recovery tool can't connect
    - got a new FFU from Nokia then attempted to use the Nokia Suite to force flash it, no luck
    - got the ffutool and attempted to command line it no luck
    - called a friend of mine at MS, wen't through about a million steps, never got it to connect to usb

    hockey puck... man I loved that phone

    I bought a 635 for 39.99 and am going to use that until the 940XL comes out
    08-16-2015 08:48 AM
  10. billhatter's Avatar
    I bought a 635 when I dropped my 1020 and cracked the screen. That lasted about two weeks...lol. I put a cover over the screen and am living with the cracked screen. The feel of the 635 bothered me. Wound up giving it to my son as a plaything...lol

    Sorry to hear about your 1020 though..that does suck.
    08-16-2015 11:48 AM
  11. Mr Kaja's Avatar
    Have you tried to recover FFU manually throught thor2? Look at this thread in insider forum - page about 30-60, don't remeber yet exactly...
    08-16-2015 01:30 PM
  12. Steve Adams's Avatar
    Bill, if you have a handy side, you can replace the screen in your 1020 easy. Its easier than most any other phone. The only word of caution is people will tell you that screens from a certain place are original NOKIA screens. I don't think they are as mine was bought from such a place for 2 times the amount as I could get one from ebay. about 6 months after I replaced it, the glass started to delaminate from the LCD. A bit of crazy glue gel, and I am back in business. After taking apart numerous iphones my son breaks, and now my nokia, I can tell you the build quality of the nokia is ten times that of the iPhone. I never understood the fascination with apple products and the supposed superior build quality. Its all smoke and mirrors. The flimsy connectors etc in the apple compared to the stout stuff in nokia.

    Just do a bing search on replacing the 1020 screen, its not that difficult if you have some time.
    08-17-2015 05:00 AM
  13. reapershouse's Avatar
    Did the HR 8.1 ->166 clean -> 152 clean ->HR been running it since 8/13 and like it lock screen has a lag if i want the info but i just usually have that info on glance so no big deal just unlock and do what i need to occasional freeze or messages missing if i do the quick reply vs opening but they show up after a down swipe close out and reopen. Use swipe text a lot and have noticed in a lot of places you have to manually type things now and not use swipe. Overall its still beta so i'm happy with as a DD

    Side note had motion on my 8.1 and really miss those abilities and hope they add them back soon
    08-17-2015 09:42 AM
  14. Xivolkar's Avatar
    Its not just missing RAW image capture. From my use, I found the image quality lot more grainy compared to pictures taken using Lumia Camera app on WP 8.1
    08-17-2015 11:38 AM
  15. seraphim19's Avatar
    after a hard reset and no restoring, the phone is still uber slow.
    08-19-2015 03:11 PM

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