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    So I updated to the new build for wp10 and it worked fine...after that, I decided to do a manual wipe and reload from scratch...After that..it loaded back, but...it had only 3 icons on the main page...Cortana, file explorer and Skype. Nothing else was there. I looked through the app list and did not see much in there...waited 5 mins...nothing..swipe down...I see familiar icons...but nothing would work. I click on settings, it wants to search app store for application...I say ok...no go..nothing happens...Another soft reset...a few more apps populated the list, main page still only three icons...cant access settings. Settings not even showing up in the listing page almost as if it didn't get installed...the module is missing...

    Anyone remember what is the key combination to reset lumia 1020 ..like hard reset instead of a soft reset?
    09-15-2015 05:16 PM
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    Shut the phone off > hold Volume Down > press Power >when you see the exclamation screen (!) release Volume Down

    Tap Volume UP / Volume Down / Power / Volume Down > you should see the spinning gears
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    09-15-2015 08:26 PM
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    That worked. Thank you. While that did work in resetting the phone, it reset and reinstalled everything and this time around I had everything i.e. all apps everything and the load went through as normal....almost. I was missing the Text Messaging ability. I had no way to message at all. I looked every which way possible and could not find it.

    Eventually I ended up trying to force my way because while the messaging settings were there, there was no way to launch the program, I went to the people and selected Send message and this resulted in a window appearing saying MS Chat not installed and if I wanted to search the store...


    So I said ok search the store...no cigar. Downloaded all updates for apps, check again, no luck.

    Soft reset, no luck. same deal.

    Another factory reset, same deal. Missing MS Chat.

    I suspect the MS Chat module which is used for the SMS/Txt ability either got corrupted/damaged, something went kaput when download/install expanding process.

    So now, here we are, out of all options, going back to 8.1 , then gonna try to leap back on to the latest build.
    09-16-2015 12:32 AM
  4. Titaniumgiant's Avatar

    As I had suspected, rolling back to 8.1 via Windows Phone Recovery Utility and then hopping back on the insider program, that did the trick. Now I am on the latest build with all my phone and its software intact.

    For those curious, I did not have to install all the various iterations step by step to get back to the now. It was only two installs I had to do: The first being rolling back to 8.1. After that restored, cancel all software updates, download only the Windows Insider, enable fast ring, reboot. Phone starts back up, stored tries to do software updates again. Cancel that, go to phone update. It pulls down the latest Win 10 build. Installed, updated apps and here we are. WOHOO!

    Reason I am sharing this on here, in case anyone else runs into similar scenario, they know what to do.
    09-16-2015 02:32 AM

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