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    So, from BR, bad english and stuff, hope u guys understand.

    My L1020 froze today, so, soft reset, froze again, another soft, froze, and then i noticed that my flash was on, very very low, but turned on, i decided to let the phone run off on battery, then, tried to recharge, when i plug the usb, with the charger or on the pc, the flash turns on, but the phone wont charge, not even warming up, so, i think its bricked, i just want to recover my photos, there is something i can do?

    TY and, again, sorry for bad english
    11-19-2015 10:09 PM
  2. Anamnesis's Avatar
    Does it respond to a soft reset when plugged in? (Press on the Power Button with one finger and at the same time press down on the Volume down button with another finger and hold down for 10 seconds) Otherwise the only other thing would be a hard reset, but that will delete your photos sadly. I noticed there are a few threads reporting similar issues from back when the phone was initially released and it seems they all had to return their phones to Nokia or the issue was fixed via an update (Obviously not possible if your phone won't boot)
    11-19-2015 10:37 PM

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