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    nokia service centre is really bad. I don't know what is my phone current progress but I don't think they are making any progress at all. Been waiting for my phone for so long. I sent my Lumia 1020 on 23rd November 2015. I phoned them weeks ago and they replied "your phone is pending." I ask why? "motherboard problem." and they don't know when the phone will get fixed. They can't give the time. So that means, i don't know what's gonna happen to my phone.

    My question is, why is it taking so long as in more than 1 month?
    second question, will my phone ever get fixed?
    third question, what should I do if I don't get a replacement? (My phone is still under warranty until May 2016).

    my location is in Malaysia.
    12-28-2015 05:33 AM

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