1. Cameron123456's Avatar
    I've tried to find drivers or firmware (not sure if that's the terminology) to connect my phone to my Mac, but all I have found was one for uploading the photos, which works. But when it comes to moving files such as ring tones from MAC into a specific 1020 folder, I can't find anything. I have found Mac app drivers but when I click on them, they aren't allowed usage in Canada via the Mac shop. Licensing or something I guess.

    Does anyone have a driver so I can connect my 1020 and have it work with my MAC? USB cables do nothing, and Itunes doesn't work with Windows.

    01-06-2016 10:16 AM
  2. Cameron123456's Avatar
    Obvious Help question.
    No answers
    Why exactly did the 56 viewers bother even opening it?
    01-07-2016 10:33 AM
  3. SL2's Avatar
    I don't know of a driver for that.

    Use Easy Transfer, it's wireless but at least it works.

    01-07-2016 06:49 PM

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