03-17-2016 09:37 AM
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  1. psoham777's Avatar
    Your first problem is simple, when a call comes, there should not be anything(your hand) near to your proximity sensor, otherwise your screen will go off, proximity sensor is near your front camera. Second problem might be due to some storage issues like, when you move an app from your phone to sd card or vice versa, it takes time to move it, if you use it at that time, sometimes your phone will become unresponsive. Heating problem is due to the fact that some games drain more battery, even while charging if you are playing games, browsing etc, your phone will get heated. Even I have 1320, it only overheats, when I overplay a game from a long time.
    09-11-2014 01:06 AM
  2. praveen9779's Avatar
    1. scan and fix error dialogue pops up whenever I restart the phone
    result:apps become unresponsive and are greyed out(which are in sd card)
    every file in sd card changes to 32kb size
    2 while installing an app before finalising phone lags and becomes unresponsive

    I use l1320 I'm thinking that these problems are caused becoz of sdcard (16 gb uhs-1 sandisk)
    when I changed the sd card i.e. frm uhs-1 to cls-4 everything is fine, again I changed to strontium 32gb uhs-1 nitro phone got hanged all the time and sd card didn't work properly (mp3,photos,videos...,etc.everything were not detected) but phone showed the space and asked everytime for scan and fix errors and hangs the phone
    I think the whole thing is becoz of sdcard speed
    if anyone has solution for this plz reply
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    09-11-2014 01:57 PM
  3. Payam Nasehi's Avatar
    Luckily W.P.8.1 solved some Nokia Lumia 1320's bugs, nevertheless one time i faced to calender error , it shifted to 3-4 months before. But new problem is Battery Saver app , that installed by new version. (Attention Required ,Tap Here ) but after tap nothing changed. is there any way to solve this problem .
    09-15-2014 01:01 PM
  4. thrash994's Avatar
    Today I bought 1320 and I was updating it all day 'til now. But now I have a little problem, I can't install apps. It's starting to install the app and then will just stuck on installing. :(
    10-24-2014 03:40 PM
  5. Captains's Avatar
    Have you checked that its still not busy re installing apps? & have you checked that apps go to your SD? Is the phone on charge also?
    10-24-2014 05:32 PM
  6. thrash994's Avatar
    Only one app installing and I have tried on both SD and phone memory. I did reset and formatted the SD but the problem is still there.
    Here's my thread about it: http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...tall-apps.html
    10-24-2014 05:36 PM
  7. Captains's Avatar
    Bugga. Poor beer on it I hope you sort it mate.
    10-24-2014 05:49 PM
  8. kuhio3's Avatar
    I am having a weird problem. I have a NL 1320 and I can't seem to clear up some space in maps... Storage sence is telling me that I have 195.mgs of space I can clear in maps...but when I try to clear it...it still shows me the same amount of space...also I'd like to clear my space for messages...but I am not sure how to do that ...
    I have my emails only syncing 5 days a week.. Where is all that space used come from... since I only have 8gb on board...i am trying to clear up as much space as possible but with a lot of apps being only allowed to install on the internal drive...what is there to do??
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    10-24-2014 08:00 PM
  9. Captains's Avatar
    Almost all my apps are on SD card & I have no storage problems.
    sent from my giant Nokia 1320 Windows Phone.
    10-25-2014 04:47 AM
  10. Sydnee Rocker's Avatar
    I'm having problems with storage. I have a class 10 SD card installed. When I did the Developers Preview for 8.1 I started to encounter problems.

    1) My phone would not install apps to completion, would stop and give error message.
    2) Some photos and videos will not show up at all. Just a blank screen.
    3) Apps that previously worked would close out immediately upon opening them.

    It's the worse and I want to know if anyone has faced this problem with the phone or it is my SD card?
    11-01-2014 10:40 PM
  11. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    @ Sydnee, shut down your phone pulout the sd.
    Place the sd in your pc/laptop and go to propperty's and check there for errors.
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    11-06-2014 02:29 PM
  12. Eabin Sai's Avatar
    My girlfriends Lumia 1320 usually freeze or gets hanged at least 3times in a week pls guys help with any suggestion
    12-12-2014 05:14 AM
  13. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    My girlfriends Lumia 1320 usually freeze or gets hanged at least 3times in a week pls guys help with any suggestion
    Okay, wat did you already try?
    Does it hang during a particular task ( or app )? Remove the app and reinstalled it.
    Does it freezes up with the sd card installed? Move the apps to your phone and remove the card and try it again.
    Does it happend without reason? Soft reset, stil happening? Hard reset

    In most cases does a hard reset the trick ( dont forget to make a backup ).
    12-12-2014 07:02 PM
  14. Eabin Sai's Avatar
    K let me try that..i heard 1320 has hangs and its common..is it true
    12-13-2014 06:02 AM
  15. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    Hangs? As in freezes?
    Nope, it happened only once or twice during a game. But those where the only times.
    12-13-2014 10:15 AM
  16. thrash994's Avatar
    Mine never froze. Almost 3 months of usage, still I haven't experienced anything bad.
    12-14-2014 02:45 PM
  17. Goosinurwife's Avatar
    i got bugs an stuff to report

    1 random times the phones pic looks like a water painting like those vincennt vango paintings
    2 when i go to check stuff i have to enter the pin but there is no keyboard :( have to swipe down then up if that dont work i power off then on
    3 if your microsoft account has a first n last name in the account the phone will give ur first n last name to every app an crap u add including emails u add thru the thingy to check emails even thos they are not microsft email addys i had to reset the phone an use a microsoft account with no real name this 1 is a real security an privacy problem

    4 the phone wants to use wifi for everything but i shut off wifi cuz i dont like usin it cuz im payin for LTE but the phone cant check updates an says sorry cant check updates cuz no wifi wtf just use the LTE thats why im payin for it dumb phone

    some of these bugs will disapoear doin a hard reset but they come back :(

    this is the reason my next phone will probly be an android phone
    01-25-2015 11:38 AM
  18. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    Going to android?
    Then your list would probably longer than this one.
    Not to mention the privacy you talked about.

    Okay now back to the 1320.
    The lockscreen.
    Do you have used the lockscreenapp beta? Yes try the kiddycorner trick.
    No. Bummer, do a hard reset if a soft reset didn't help.
    About your account name, you should have known better. The accountadress ( name ) shows always up no matter witch application you use, it has nothing to do with privacy or with windowsphone.
    So that's no bug, but common knowledge.
    The use of wifi is standard in windowsphone, its to prevent overusing data limits.
    But yes it was better if that was a option so that people could choose.

    For the software glitches you can always try the nokia care suit to flash a new firmware ( because you told that a reset didn't work before ).
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    01-26-2015 08:46 PM
  19. thrash994's Avatar
    Anyone experienced a problem with the vibration?
    The phone was charging and when I unplugged it I noticed the vibration was weak. Third day now the vibration is still weaker than it was normal. I did restart the phone, didn't help much.
    02-18-2015 12:23 PM
  20. Alex Abrokwah's Avatar
    i have been using my Lumia 1320 for a month now and yes love the experience it have gone off twice it came back on by it self, but its still good just can't wait to get the Denim update..
    02-18-2015 03:09 PM
  21. Alburozie's Avatar
    My power button broke, is there any way to turn my phone off?
    03-04-2015 11:49 AM
  22. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    But how do you think to turn it on again?
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    03-04-2015 12:12 PM
  23. Marc Baldry's Avatar
    Just plug it into charge and it will automatically reboot.
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    03-09-2015 05:50 AM
  24. Captains's Avatar
    My power button stopped working yesterday. A bit of a pain as I like to put it into sleep mode for obvious reasons.
    I recently installed GTA which will crash & turn the phone off occasionally which means I have to plug it into the charger to get it on again. My biggest concern is that now I can't do a soft reset or screen shot. I've had a good look at the mechanism & nothing seems to be broken so I'm at a loss as to what to do.
    03-09-2015 05:41 PM
  25. Captains's Avatar
    I had a closer look and discovered that a little concaved disc at the switch which has a plastic piece with a little black dot on it had shifted and was not lined up properly. It's fiddly to get it in the exact place but I managed to fix it. 😉

    sent from my Lumia 1320Win10 phone
    using Tapatalk.
    03-09-2015 06:42 PM
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