1. Peyob's Avatar
    there are three weeks, I had to reset my 920.
    After stating my password Microsoft, restoring settings, applications and SMS went well.
    But, photos have only been partially restored.
    They are all present on Onedrive.
    I tried to download to my PC and then put them in the Lumia 920 (WP 8.1).
    In a different folder, they have there, but loose (the parameter sort by date and location is checked).
    If I place in the "Camera Roll" is a mess.
    I tried to remove the "Camera Roll" folder. I took a picture and the system was re-created it.
    I then waited to see if sync with Onedrive would restore photos, but no.

    What is the solution to find photos in Camera Roll, as they were before the reset, without having to reset again?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    06-11-2014 12:43 AM
  2. dKp1977's Avatar
    If you're using the Nokia Camera app, you can try the following:

    plug your devices back into your PC and copy all your photos back to your camera roll. Launch the Nokia Camera app, tap the ellipsis (those three dots), scroll all the way down and tap "find photos and videos taken with Nokia Camera" (or similar, my device is set to German). This scans your folders for photos and videos you have made with the app and restores them in the correct order.
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    06-11-2014 01:02 AM
  3. Peyob's Avatar
    Thank you.
    I've tried this. But, finally, in Camera Roll, I've some photos at "june 2014", then, under "older photos"many grey squares and then photos without sorting.wp_ss_20140611_0001.png
    06-11-2014 01:46 AM
  4. Peyob's Avatar
    here is Nokia answer:

    If the phone is reset, it will no longer appear in the "Camera Roll" but in "OneDrive" .

    If you want to be directly on the mobile, you can recharge from the App OneDrive (on the mobile), and you save on the mobile, and they will appear in "saved photos" mobile, but will rank by date of entry.

    The display bug in the "Camear Roll" folder seems to have a connection with the preview version for developpers installed on your 920. We are not able to reproduce on a Lumia 920 version "Lumia Black"
    06-12-2014 12:08 AM
  5. Trevor Wolfe's Avatar
    hey did you ever figure out how to get rid of these grey squares I am now having this same issue.
    07-15-2014 07:50 PM

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