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    I have a Lumia 1320 in Romania, country variant, yet it's not updating to Denim version - no developer preview is used in this case. My L1320's version is: RM-994_eu_euro2_1196, core build ID: 3058.50000.1424.10478.

    Even if the Denim update is available on Microsoft's pages, I am not able to download it not even through Windows Phone Recovery Tool - this states that I have the latest available version:
    Availability in Europe - Microsoft - Global
    Nokia Lumia 1320 - Actualizari si descarcari de software - Microsoft - Romnia

    My question now is if other users have the same issue or if the above mentioned version is for a different country, other than Romania.
    02-22-2015 12:29 AM
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    I have received an answer from @Lumiahelp on twitter that my phone actually is from a different zone, not Romania - but they didn't wanted to provide me as well with the actual country for which this phone was developed.
    Is there any way to find out this info, based on IMEI or RM version?
    02-24-2015 07:54 PM
  3. JohnnyB6's Avatar
    I have lost my patience, so I have used the Nokia Care software to re-write the software to Italy CV version (059V707 VAR EURO IT CV) - everything went smooth, after the initial software installation, I was prompted for an available update and now I have Denim as well.
    The only problem noticed during the actual Denim OTA update was that the phone got stuck at the end of the update on the spinning gears - a soft reset solved this as well, as per Microsoft instructions.
    You can revert back as well to your previous installation, if needed - just to check on your phone's backside the initial version.

    More details about this:
    [Tutorial] Flash/unbrand Lumia devices | Windows Phone 8 Development and Hacking | XDA Forums
    Product Codes of Nokia Lumia 1320 ? Seidea
    02-28-2015 09:08 PM

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