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    Has anybody from India (or anywhere else) needed to replace battery of their 1320?? How much does it cost? Battery on my 1320 on WM 10 TP is giving me trouble, one minute it shows fully charged then ten minutes or so of light gaming and the battery critically low message shows up, I plug it in and it shows random percentage like 80,72 or 69. If I start playing games again, in couple of minutes critical battery message will again show up.. The phone gets very hot on the top right corner even the screen gets hot.. It happens mostly when I play games, but I noticed this also happens when I use the phone for watching videos or fiddle with personalization settings for half an hour or so.. It's been happening since build 512.. Now this could be TP issue but my phone is almost one year and seven months old, so it could be battery issue too.. If anyone has experienced such things please share what you did and what should I do? I can't live peacefully with this 3400mah bomb around me.. Any help, suggestions and guidance will be appreciated, thank you in advance..

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    09-21-2015 02:15 PM
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    Mine was like that during one of the TP builds but that was the early days & after some time the problem has gone including the heat. Perhaps you should update to the latest build. It might make all the difference.
    Otherwise check this link...
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    09-21-2015 05:28 PM
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    I am on the latest build 536,the issue started on the last build and it's still there.. I think I should roll back to 8. 1 and confirm that it's not software.. If it's hardware, I have to find a Nokia /Microsoft service center and get the replacement done, just hope that they stock the batteries, replacement looks easy though just 11 screws and that's it, they will do it in ten minutes I guess.. I am wishing for it to be a software /firmware issue and hoping for it to go away with the upcoming build though..

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    09-22-2015 01:04 AM

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