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  1. Isadora Moustata's Avatar
    Sorry about this. I was attempting to reply to a question someone posted. I did not know my reply would appear in the middle of the thread.
    11-15-2013 02:26 PM
  2. jfa1's Avatar
    So basically what everyone has been saying for YEARS is true? Windows Phone doesn't need four cores to run butter smooth?

    My biggest gripe is that things like Whatsapp take forever to open. It's a joke.

    We'll see what 8.1 does.
    Maybe those apps are not properly optimized for WP8.
    11-15-2013 03:00 PM
  3. psudotechzealot's Avatar
    11-17-2013 06:10 AM
  4. Citizen X's Avatar
    You win if you make enough to pay for the monthly fees, but don't make enough to pay for the device upfront.

    That's the entire point of Next...a way to keep up to date on the latest hardware each year, without it costing you a ton upfront each time.
    The phone is on sale right now for $99. Really that's like less than two months of cell service on at&t with unlimited data. If you can't pony that up front you need to consider another phone... or a budget.
    11-18-2013 07:53 AM
  5. warrentaye's Avatar
    Unlimited data on AT&T? With a new contract? How and where?
    11-18-2013 02:31 PM
  6. cckgz4's Avatar
    Got to play with the phone for a second. Loved how light it felt and how thin it was, screen was beautiful, and everything was considerably fast compared to a 920 that was next to it. But it is too big for me to be my phone.

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    11-18-2013 04:37 PM
  7. g808's Avatar
    Pretty fair review

    Nokia Lumia 1520 review - Pocket-lint
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    11-19-2013 12:41 AM
  8. memo926's Avatar
    http://www.expansys-usa.com/.........www.expansys.ca.... at Canada colors unlooked ...32g preorders
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    11-19-2013 08:57 PM
  9. kevm14's Avatar
    Those guys appear to carry the RM-938. Not sure on price yet.
    11-21-2013 07:15 PM
  10. InfiniteRefrain's Avatar
    Best reviewer line yet!!
    "The Lumia 1520 makes the iPhone 5S look like a child who is holding its mother’s hand walking through the circus. Nokia, perhaps, has gone over the deep end."

    Source: The Best Of Windows Phone: The Nokia Lumia 1520 [Review] – ReadWrite
    11-21-2013 08:11 PM
  11. psudotechzealot's Avatar
    http://www.expansys-usa.com/.........www.expansys.ca.... at Canada colors unlooked ...32g preorders
    The link is down.
    11-22-2013 01:42 AM
  12. psudotechzealot's Avatar
    Those guys appear to carry the RM-938. Not sure on price yet.
    How do you know? I did not see the specs on there yet? I hope you're right though.
    11-22-2013 01:53 AM
  13. Mike Gibson's Avatar
    We tried out the 1520 again in an ATT store yesterday and finally figured out why the 1520 isn't as obnoxious as the Samsung Mega. All of us (me, wife, and daughter who has a Note 2) hated the Mega. It was huge and awkward to handle. However, the other day we tried the 1520 at an ATT store and did not get the same impression. I couldn't figure out why. The phones are about the same size so the absolute size didn't make the Mega "obnoxious".

    It turns out that the side of the Mega is basically rectangular while the 1520 is curved/rounded. Since the phones are so wide, your fingers are stretched out to hold them which makes them obliquely meet the back edges on the sides. With the rectangular sides on the Mega your fingers don't get a chance to start bending until they are at the edge. This makes the phone feel much wider and your grip less secure. With the curved sides on the 1520 your fingers get to bend earlier and grip the phone more securely. It simply "fits" in the hand better.

    These phones are already at the limits of comfort due to their size, so seemingly minor differences like the shape of the edges can make a huge difference in usability. We went from a universal "hated it" response to the Mega to a "hey, this might work" response for the 1520. It won't be my phone since it won't fit comfortably in a pants pocket but my wife, who thought she would hate it like the Mega, is now trying to figure out how to make it work with her purse. Her 920 fits neatly in an internal side pocket of the purse but the 1520 won't, so she would need to lay it sideways inside the main part of the purse.
    11-22-2013 08:28 AM
  14. INCREMENTAL's Avatar
    I played around with the 1520 lastnight. Im a Verizon Note 2 user with unlimited data and all I got to say is.........

    Im extremely jealous of you ATT guys :( lol. I loved the phone, wish I was using it right now but sadly ATT just sucks around here. That said good luck to you guys that have it or gonna purchase it. You got a really nice phone and something to brag about.

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    11-22-2013 01:58 PM
  15. Phrozty's Avatar
    I've had my phone for a day now, so there's still a lot to explore, but there are some common things, both good and bad, that stand out about it. My previous history with windows phones is restricted to the HTC Titan, which was a big phone, but also only WP 7.5. Some of these "cool things" could be WP8 related and I just didn't know about them.

    Things I like about it:
    DAT SCREEN THO! Seriously though... the screen. People talk and talk about how awesome it is, but you literally cannot describe it with words well enough. You just have to see it in person.
    - While I have mine on automatic brightness, I've checked the brightest setting and it really just takes your breath away to think that an electronic device can look like that. Not that I'd want to regularly use it at it's brightest, but it's something I've never seen in a device before.
    - The viewing angles are also unbelievable. You can turn the screen away from you until you literally cannot SEE the screen, turn it back just slightly, and you can see everything on it! It looks just like a picture!
    Layout of the buttons/program - They clearly knew they were designing a device that is "too big," and they made some compensations to help that.
    - The buttons pop out just enough to use them and no more. It keeps the device sleek but fully functional.
    - The extra space allows for bigger buttons, but also plenty of room between them so that you can grip the phone without hitting them.
    - I like the fact that they left some space to either side of the 3 bottom buttons. This is the perfect amount of space to hold the phone by the corner with your thumb(s) while you're reading without hitting the back or search button. The light under the bottom 3 buttons themselves seem a bit muddled, but that's a really nitpicky item.
    - The native programs seem to have been designed with BIG in mind as well. For example, when you are in a call, all of the buttons are dropped to the bottom third of the screen so that you can reach them with your fingers.
    - LOVE the glance screen. I have it on all the time which is perfect for my OCD time-checking tendencies, and I haven't noticed any extra drain on the battery.
    - Which brings me to the battery! I got it from the store w/about half a charge. Played some spartan assault, read plenty of emails/forums, spent a lot of time changing things around on my screen, re-installed a lot of my apps and checked them out, kept a lot of windows open, have a LOT of the extra services kept on. Still had about 1/4th of a charge by the end of the day. We'll see how it handles over the next few days.
    - The pre-installed apps are pretty nice!... the Nokia ones of course. The ATT ones are almost all gone lol. It's nice to get a phone out of the box and it handle 75% of what I'll regularly be doing
    - Speakers are VERY loud and clear!! Played some punk and some techno.. both came through fantastically!
    - On the topic of music, Mix Radio is really nice to have! I was blown away by how many selections they had for some genres. However I was a bit surprised that while some genres were split out very specifically, others were lumped together. For instance, ALL electronic music was lumped into electronic music... so all techno/trance/drum n bass/breaks/everything all had to share the 15 spots for that genre, which of course left out a lot of "electronic" music.
    - Again on the music scene, it was awesome to see the "gigs" section in music that actually listed gigs in my town!! I heard about some stuff on my phone that I hadn't even heard about around town yet!
    - Love love LOVE the fact that I can individually access my voicemails by clicking on them instead of having to log into voicemail and wait for the "you have. 2. new messages. ... .. ... First message ... ... ... Sent. Monday. At 3...... ... .. forty 3. PEE em."
    - VERY happy to be able to access my files on this phone through a regular windows explorer window. I was NOT a fan of having to use Zune to access my music/images on my HTC Titan.

    Things that are so-so:
    - There seems to be a problem w/the touchscreen that a lot of people are experiencing, but that may be fixable through software: http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...nsitivity.html
    - Phone calls are fine. That's about it. They are clear, but could be louder. Definitely seems to be better quality than my Titan though.
    - Not that I ever plan to mess with it, but the rep who installed my sim card seemed to have to balance it PERFECTLY on the tray as it was being put in. He was a WP enthusiast, so I know it wasn't lack of experience. It seems kind of like a poor design.

    Things that I'm not too happy about:
    - Every review mentions the pointy corners.... I now know why. I thought they were being nitpicky about it, but they do seem to get annoying when trying to walk around w/the device. I can definitely fit it into my pants pockets, but you have to position it a certain way while driving, else you get jabbed every time you hit the brakes. I actually find it's easier to put it in my cup holder.
    - I don't like the mini USB at the bottom.. or maybe how it's cut. I realize that it's probably the best place to put it, but when I'm holding the phone, my pinky naturally lays right on the port to balance the phone, and if I'm holding the phone for any period of time, it tends to be pretty cutty/uncomfortable. Almost would prefer a flap on it while not in use, just to make things a bit nicer.
    - I seem to be getting artifacts when I scroll sometimes. Screen skipping back and forth slightly. It's nothing debilitating, but it's something I saw in WP7.5, and I'm really surprised it hasn't been fixed yet. There were also a few times when these artifacts got a LOT worse in 7.5 and I had to take the battery out to reset it. Since I can't do that with this phone, it kind of worries me.

    ** One thing you'll notice: I really haven't said anything about the camera/video. I haven't used it yet except to take one photo for the 1520 photo thread, and I wasn't too impressed w/it, but then again I didn't spend more than 5 second snapping it, cropping it, and posting it. I don't think that's a fair amount of use to judge it.

    I'll be using this thread to update my experience w/the phone. Love it so far!
    11-23-2013 02:38 PM
  16. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I always like to see reviews from regular users, not just tech bloggers.
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    11-23-2013 02:44 PM
  17. lerimer's Avatar
    You can say that I'm a windows phone junkie. Ever since WP was released, I switched from a iPhone to a Samsung focus. That was a great phone. Still has to be in my top 3 best phones. After that I had a titan 1 and I have to day that I loved the screen on it even though of the poor resolution. Then after a couple of months I jumped over to the Lumia 900. I decided to go with Nokia because if the tremendous efforts they are doing to bring developers in. Samsung and HTC are not doing a thing to support the platform. Then I switched over to a 920, then the 1020, and yes.... The 1520.
    So far in loving it. I love the huge screen. I love how fast it is. Having it next to my 1020 and doing some tasks you can tell the 1520 with its quadcore is really impressive. The speaker is excellent. I've played some rock and the speaker hast distorted the sound at all. Call quality is in par with the 1020. With regards to the camera I haven't really taken too many pictures, but I will say this... It processes the picture 3-4 seconds faster than the 1020. The phones thickness is ok. It feels good in the hand. And comparing its weight to the note 3, the 1520 is def heavier but not heavy enough to bother me. The 1520 with its design ,weight, and overall thickness makes it a solid phone and give the impression that its a premium device. This will infact be my daily driver.
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    11-23-2013 03:14 PM
  18. kevm14's Avatar
    How do you know? I did not see the specs on there yet? I hope you're right though.
    It's not down. It was just linked improperly in this forum. http://www.expansys-usa.com/mobile-phones/brand/nokia/

    It specs out like the RM-938. Well, I need to confirm the radio specs (don't see them listed). But it has 32GB and wireless charging anyway.
    11-23-2013 03:31 PM
  19. kevm14's Avatar
    I played around with the 1520 lastnight. Im a Verizon Note 2 user with unlimited data and all I got to say is.........

    Im extremely jealous of you ATT guys :( lol. I loved the phone, wish I was using it right now but sadly ATT just sucks around here. That said good luck to you guys that have it or gonna purchase it. You got a really nice phone and something to brag about.

    Sent from my SCH-I605 using WPCentral Forums mobile app
    The screen is just unbelievable, isn't it? It's hard to imagine how I would improve it.
    11-23-2013 03:33 PM
  20. Shockwave78's Avatar
    My thoughts are the same as above, although i am having no problems at all with the touchscreen, or maybe i just have not noticed it.

    Anyway.. here are my initial thoughts.

    - I said a couple weeks ago that in store it felt kind of small actually. Maybe that was just the excitement talking. But after having the phone for only 8 hrs now i can definetley say it will take some getting used to.

    - Microsoft is doing some really great things with WP8 in general regarding button placement, menu's(bottom of screen instead of top) to minimize any effect a larger screen has on your fingers stretching. They need to go all out and just move ALL navigation on all apps to the bottom of the screen. Example is like facebook, twitter ect...Get all of those menu's, icons to be accessed from the bottom of the screen like in IE. If they do this it would negate almost all the complaints against large screen phones using one hand. Make the bottom right "standard" for all menu accessing, ect..

    - The 3 button layout is pretty hard to get used to after using iPhone all these years, i must say it's probably the biggest thing i hate about the phone. The Iphone 5s i have pretty much spoiled me with that touch-id sensor. You press the button and your in your phone, and that's with security enabled. With this phone i have to press the side button and swipe up. Yes that may seem like a small chore but when you do it seemingly every 5 minutes it adds up to a lot of time.

    - Screen is great, looks unbelievable well outside in direct sunlight, almost like the sun is not even there. That's how good it is.

    - Battery life seems great, but charging with a USB port will not charge the phone that much while you are using it. It will keep you "even" while using it and charging it from a usb port in my experience.

    - Oh and while typing this i took another picture and noticed something again. I am getting like a purple hue, shaped like a rainbow almost in the upper middle part of the screen on some photo's. Hopefully this is just a lighting thing and a fluke.

    How do i get push gmail working on this thing?
    Last edited by Shockwave78; 11-23-2013 at 04:28 PM.
    11-23-2013 04:01 PM
  21. Lumia Jack's Avatar
    The nano sim on my tray seems to slide into place and is held in by two anchoring pins, once in position it seems sturdy enough. I had to jab it out of place, it would not easily fall out of the tray. So either he didn't slide it into the tray right or there's some minor tolerance variations with the sim tray or even the sim card causing a loose fit. My only quibble with the sim tray is that it's inverted from what you'd expect and from how the microSD is mounted. As in the sim card goes in face down rather than face up (screen side), but since the sim card is one of those set and forget it type of deals for me. It doesn't much bother me at all.

    My initial impression at first, was that the phone seemed huge and I got a little bit of "what have I gotten myself into" type doubts. But after using the phone for the past day and a half I'm 100% used to the new size and I love it. I can easily do 95% of what I want to do including typing one handed. Because of it's slim design it's very easy to hold and it fits into my pocket without any discomfort whether sitting/driving/walking etc.

    I like how the web browsing is essentially tablet like, and much nicer than what you'd typically expect from a phone. And once Plex releases their announced upgrade for Windows Phone 8, I'm sure video streaming and media consumption on this device will be 2nd to none.

    I would of liked an active stylus in order to better exploit the use of apps like InNote, but for Windows Phone's first foray into the 5 inch+ phone market I'm satisfied. Hopefully we'll see that kind of addition in the next generation of phones.

    What they need to work on is a better music and video player. I use and like Xbox Music, but there are still a lot of limitations and the ability to manage songs and playlists isn't entirely intuitive or very organized at the moment.

    So far I have not noticed any odd behavior with the touch screen as you noted, it seems as responsive and compliant to the one on my Lumia 920.
    Last edited by Lumia Jack; 11-23-2013 at 06:42 PM.
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    11-23-2013 04:46 PM
  22. lsmachado's Avatar
    I just got my phone last evening and had to work today, so I really haven't had as much time as I would have liked to play with my new toy.

    The thing that stands out for me right now is that when I was reinstalling all my apps last night, I noticed that the phone never even got warm! My 920 would get very warm most of the time when installing apps or playing games. I haven't had time to play any games or surf the internet, but I'm hoping that the phone stays as cool as it did when I reinstalled my apps.

    I did notice that the touch screen doesn't seem to work as well as my 920 with gloves on. It doesn't seem to respond unless you tap multiple times. I have the sensitivity level set to high.

    Other than that, I'm seriously loving this baby! The only other "negative" is that it's not yellow, lol.
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    11-23-2013 04:57 PM
  23. Shockwave78's Avatar
    One other thing i noticed is that on the "people" app. I am getting all sorts of weird post, ads...When i go onto facebook i do not see any of these. None of them are liked pages of mine, just random stuff that only shows up on the people app.
    11-23-2013 05:01 PM
  24. Phrozty's Avatar
    @Lumia Jack, have you tried the nokia mixradio app? Hmm... actually I just went to load it and it's different than when I used it before. It's still a nice way to get music mixes but now it's not showing local gigs :/.

    @lsmachado - Definitely didn't get warm installing stuff, but it did get a little warm playing games. I don't have experience w/other lumias to know how this compares though.

    Speaking of re-installing things... windowsphone.com lost my list of apps I had installed when I transferred from my HTC titan to the 1520. They've restored some of the list but there are still a LOT missing... is there any way I can get these back? Almost all of the games I paid for are gone...
    11-23-2013 05:24 PM
  25. lsmachado's Avatar
    Phrozty, to reinstall your apps, you can go to the app store and search for your app. You can select Buy, and if you already purchased it, you will get a message saying something like "you already own this app. Would you like to reinstall?" I don't remember the exact wording, but it's something along those lines.
    11-23-2013 05:46 PM
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