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    after quite an interesting year with my Lumia 920 - I had it sent in to Nokia three times over the last four months, got it exchanged three times and it still never actually worked the way it was supposed to - I sent it to my dealer to rescind (?). Now my question is this: If I'd put in some money, I could "upgrade" to the Lumia 1520... is it worth it? I'm considering to switch to another platform, too, but they, imo, are not nearly as good looking as WP8, whereas the devices are supposedly far more reliable (I never had an issue with the OS). Was it just bad luck with my Lumia 920 or am I taking a risk in buying the 1520? Is it flawless or at least close to it? I really do not want to send it to Nokia every month, that really was weird...

    Oki, it was harder than I thought to write that down, I hope you guys understand my problem;)

    Thanks in advance

    11-16-2013 05:47 PM
  2. bradbamford's Avatar
    I have a Nokia 620, 920 and a 1020 and never had any issues...so I can't relate
    11-16-2013 05:51 PM
  3. TenTwelve's Avatar
    What was the issues with the 920. I find it hard to believe after all the exchanges it was still not working the way it was designed. I'm thinking you're probably one of those super anal people who cannot deal with things unless they're the way you think they're supposed to be.
    11-16-2013 05:52 PM

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