12-30-2013 11:00 AM
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  1. ssapre's Avatar

    Is that a Black update or GDR3 that lets you group tiles and name them?????
    Nothing to do with Black or GDR3, that kind of grouping can be done with some apps available in store.
    11-23-2013 01:57 AM
  2. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    I am going to spend my day today actually

    1. Designing my Start Screen on my 1520
    2. Designing my Start Screen on my Surface as well

    I love these examples so far but how do you use SKinnery Pro
    11-23-2013 08:15 AM
  3. jmerrey's Avatar
    My first attempt. Not so creative, but it's a work in progress. I'm liking all the extra tiles, but aesthetically it's a step back from the two column view (just my opinion).
    11-23-2013 10:29 AM
  4. cgooge14's Avatar
    GreyWolf...I am using WizTiles Pro for that...

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    11-23-2013 10:52 AM
  5. Phrozty's Avatar
    Each of your "live" apps comes with a small companion program (bundled in, so there's nothing for you to do to get them) that does the tile updating every 30 minutes (plus or minus a few minutes). The updates can only use a little bit of memory and have to finish quickly (under 30 seconds), so they don't have a great impact on battery life.
    Are all tiles limited to 30 min?? I'm pretty sure my email tiles update more than that...
    11-23-2013 11:07 AM
  6. Phrozty's Avatar
    Here's mine. I usually have my contacts/email/me up at the top because they are most important, but I still want to at least attempt one handed use, so I'm I'm putting them closer the bottom so that I can reach them.

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    Attached Thumbnails wp_ss_20131123_0002.png  
    11-23-2013 11:16 AM
  7. giantenemybird's Avatar
    It has been a challenge figuring out what to do with all of the extra real estate...here is my effort so far.
    I actually had no interest in using that app to group the tiles with my other windows phones... but with this extra real estate on this big screen I might give it a go. Nice work!
    cgooge14 likes this.
    11-23-2013 11:21 AM
  8. sk1d_mark's Avatar
    Surprised to not see any layouts similar to the 1 I've always stuck with.
    Obviously changing the medium tiles in the middle for the full ones, but leaving small ones down either side.
    I don't like the look of the full size one being offset to one side.

    11-23-2013 11:45 AM
  9. jmerrey's Avatar
    I'm surprised that you're surprised that people have different tastes than yourself ;-)
    11-23-2013 12:22 PM
  10. Cactoes Gel's Avatar
    Great layouts! Seeing some of these, I realize how not creative I am LMAO
    11-23-2013 11:19 PM
  11. MichaelBanning's Avatar
    Came up with this after looking at some pics. Originally it was almost all small squares so I got Wiz Tiles and used the dark group theme. I also got Skinery but haven't played around with it. I like this, but any thoughts and recommendations are VERY appreciated.

    11-23-2013 11:40 PM
  12. ssapre's Avatar
    Are all tiles limited to 30 min?? I'm pretty sure my email tiles update more than that...
    System in built settings provide you options of syncing content / live tiles for less than 30 mins, but for app developers, its restricted to 30 mins at least.
    12-30-2013 11:00 AM
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