1. Stimovsky's Avatar
    I'm an happy owner of this new 1520. It's almost perfect, not too big, just ideal for reading and surfing.
    My previous one was a N8 and I feel just like those cavemen who once realised how life becomes easier with a pointy stick. Technology, you know...
    There are only 2 things that I can't get done at all.

    1- I work abroad and for convenience, privacy and security reasons, I need to use a VPN. Where can I find the settings to set up my VPN IPs ?
    2- I use to buy my music on CDs for years, I convert it to lossless format and I don't care about tags. I'm looking for a music player that wouldn't sort my music according to references that don't exist, but could simply play the folder I choose, and if it could decode flac and ogg, it would be exactly what I'mlooking for. Any suggestion ?
    12-25-2013 06:02 AM
  2. manicottiK's Avatar
    VPN support is supposedly coming with WP 8.1.

    Like it or not, the iPod created the trend of basing media organization on tags; WP follows that trend because it's what most users are familiar with. It drives my a bit nuts that I can't use to navigate content by tags or by folders. (My old iRiver players could do that.)
    12-25-2013 06:19 AM

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