12-29-2013 05:39 AM
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  1. Jessica Lares's Avatar
    I ONLY ever upgrade when my phone breaks. Having the best of the best doesn't matter to me as I do more work than play on my devices.
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    12-28-2013 02:31 AM
  2. tgp's Avatar
    I'm mostly an Android owner, but I do try the other major platforms out, as well. In 2013, I bought Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 devices.
    I do something similar. I buy & sell phones all the time. In 2013 I've bought 2 Androids, 4 Windows Phones (not counting 3 that I bought to flip), and an iPhone. And surprisingly I've mostly turned a bit of a profit on phones I've used for only a very short time. I've increased the value by getting it unlocked (legitimately, via the carrier), or I've bought at very reasonable prices. I think the best deal was an iPhone 5 that developed a defect after I used it for about 6 months. I got a brand new one on warranty. It happened when I was about to sell it anyway. Perfect timing!

    My opinion is that in today's fast moving mobile world, 2 years is too long. Smartphones are more fragile than the feature phones that preceded them. They also become outdated much quicker, mostly in hardware, but in some Androids & WPs in software as well. However, the US's model of 2 year contracts makes that length of time quite common. Unless you have an iPhone, when your contract is up you're using a relic.
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    12-28-2013 02:52 AM
  3. LMZR's Avatar
    Irony is, my Lumia 1520 is more powerful specs wise than my Surface 2!
    12-28-2013 03:15 AM
  4. James8561's Avatar
    ^though your Surface 2 is definitely faster due to more power/heat allowance
    12-28-2013 03:31 AM
  5. Zeem Frostmaw's Avatar
    I upgraded from my Siemens A55 to Motorola L7 because I wanted a colour screen and a camera.

    I upgraded from my L7 to Samsung Monte because I wanted a touchscreen phone and 3G.

    I upgraded from my Monte to Lumia 920 because I wanted a smartphone with 4G and a decent camera.

    You could say I upgraded every two years, but it's completely a coincidence. I upgrade when technology has advanced enough to warrant an upgrade.
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    12-28-2013 04:57 AM
  6. etad putta's Avatar
    Yes for 3 reasons. It's a mobile device and is subjected to extreme conditions, hot, cold, drops, moisture, etc. Batteries not performing as well as time goes on. Software, the main issue. My device isn't getting the full benefit of an OS update due to old hardware ( 64 bit anyone )?
    12-28-2013 08:16 AM
  7. Bryan Sayas's Avatar
    I upgrade every two years. As of now, my 8x is 1 year old and my 1st year in WP8 experience. ;)
    12-28-2013 08:20 AM
  8. TenTwelve's Avatar
    Beyond screen resolution, what is really future proof? Just look at the top phones from 2 years ago and see how it would run today's OS, Apps & Games.

    In 2 years, WP could be close to running full Windows. Would a Snapdragon 800 and 2GB RAM be enough?

    I personally think in 2 years these new phones will feel as old as any 2yr old phone, today.
    I think the 1520 could run Windows 8.1 right now.
    12-28-2013 08:29 AM
  9. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Next year, it will make sense for the lower-tier phones to be updated this often.
    This year? With the Snapdragon 800 (and that ridiculously large battery in the 1320 and 1520), it suddenly makes sense.
    Why the battery? I'll tell you why. Having a 1300 mAh in a low-mid-range phone and 2000 mAh for your flagship is not good marketing...
    12-28-2013 08:43 AM
  10. gsquared's Avatar
    This is a highly subjective topic. Personally, I feel two years is still perfectly reasonable. Given the high cost of these devices most people are just are not prepared for that kind of expenditure on a regular basis. Spreading the cost out over time is the only justifiable way they can afford such things.

    It also has to be noted that most people don't even have an option for subsidized devices. I'm sure they get much more than two years out of their devices.
    12-28-2013 09:01 AM
  11. Citizen X's Avatar
    This is a highly subjective topic.
    Not really. If you are on contract you are paying for a new phone anyway. Might as well walk down to the at&t store and pick it up. I got my Lumia 900 for free. I missed out on the free Lumia 1520 though because of contract issues. Probably something like $20 a month of your cell phone bill goes towards paying for your device. I can't understand why you wouldn't at a minimum walk in and pick up a free cell phone.
    12-28-2013 12:15 PM
  12. Phrozty's Avatar
    I use my contract to pay for everything. Bought my Titan for $0.01 2 years ago, and got my 1520 and 2520 for $226 altogether (including tax) this year.
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    12-28-2013 12:20 PM
  13. Donald Burr's Avatar
    I think it depends on the user. For a very long time I did fine with one phone, but recently technology changes have accelerated and some of the differences can be significant (e.g. if someone uses their phone for taking pictures a lot, the wave of new phones with 20-40MP would be a great upgrade). The phone makers are all now in a feature war with everyone trying to best their next best competitor so changes are bound to continue to accelerate. I think it comes down to what you use and don't use; but at the current pace I think two years is about one year too long. This pace is bound to settle a bit over the next 5 years (I could be very wrong on this), but for now mfg's will be churning out new phones with more, bigger-better feature sets.
    12-28-2013 05:38 PM
  14. gsquared's Avatar
    Not really. If you are on contract you are paying for a new phone anyway. Might as well walk down to the at&t store and pick it up. I got my Lumia 900 for free. I missed out on the free Lumia 1520 though because of contract issues. Probably something like $20 a month of your cell phone bill goes towards paying for your device. I can't understand why you wouldn't at a minimum walk in and pick up a free cell phone.
    Your not getting a free phone. You still pay for it through your monthly payments. The price has simply went down enough to where those monthly payments cover it. I would guess most budget minded people always go that route. When I renew my contract I could opt for the "free" device that is close to being outdated or get the latest and greatest that will still be around and supported for two years.

    The idea of being on contract and paying full price is what's not a good idea.
    12-28-2013 09:03 PM
  15. dkp23's Avatar
    Yes because if u plan to stay on your carrier. Don't waste the opportunity to upgrade. Doesn't have to be at 2 years exactly but u can wait for a deal and sell the phone. No point in saving your upgrade because you going to be paying the same rate anyway. Well unless u are on one of those upgrade anytime plans which isn't so great.

    I used my previous upgrade to get a focus s for a penny sold the phone for $200, profit. People can say I paid through my monthly payment anyway, but not really considering I end up paying the same rate with or without the upgrade.

    Simply consumer won't win, use ur upgrade when there is a good opportunity.
    12-28-2013 09:08 PM
  16. melte's Avatar
    I thought the iphone 4s was the last phone I would ever need to buy (stupidly thinking that it could not be bettered!) but I've gone through two phones since then.

    For me the key impulses to upgrade would be thinness and camera quality. I love my devices thin and powerful and they get slimmer every year, but I suspect we are at or very near the limits of how thin devices can be. However there should still be some room for ohone cameras to improve further so I guess I will be upgrading when my cycle is up!
    12-29-2013 03:35 AM
  17. Sport Driver's Avatar
    Ok I have one question, how much do you pay monthly for your phone bill if you are on contract ? How much do you have to pay to get a phone for 1$ ? I live in Slovenia and on contract I pay 20€ (27$)/ per month and when I bought phone this spring (Lumia 820) I payed 260€ ( 357$) for it. So do you pay 80$ per month in US to get phones this cheap ? Here is price for phone same if you pay 46€ (63$).
    12-29-2013 04:21 AM
  18. chris_t's Avatar
    Romania: 15 for unlimited voice national, unlimited voice international (EU+US+Canada), unlimited text, unlimited data (first 2gbs at 4G speed, 64kbps afterwards). This is a promo Xmas offer, valid for the whole duration of the contract, regular price for this plan being 31.

    For that I got a 520 + screen protector + leather pouch for 0.01.

    Also upgraded my wife"s plan and got an Huawei Ascend P6 for 100, which I have sold the next day for 300.

    That's a good profit, so was worth upgrading. Anyway, I guess I will sell the 520 too and buy an 820/925 off contract, is my first WP and I'm loving it.

    Carrier: Cosmote Romania, part of T-Mo group. To be mentioned they are the only Romanian carrier that sell/give away unlocked phones even on contract, Orange & Vodafone are providing sim-lock phones when upgrading contract.

    Sent from my Lumia 520 using Tapatalk
    12-29-2013 05:12 AM
  19. Doctor Pork's Avatar
    yes, run Windows, but I'm not talking about running RT programs. I'm talking PC programs and games. That is the end goal, is it not? People that really enjoy gaming, do not want to be stuck with mobile games for years, just like with desktops we expect generations leaps in graphics every year or two. Doesn't have to be limited to games. What about running a media server to your TV. How do you think our little CPU's and GPU's can stream and transcode HD video and audio? Sure, there are ALOT of things current hardware is sufficient for, but there's equal tasks its not sufficient for, like I mentioned above. If your just gonna browse the internet and play solitaire, you probably haven't needed to upgrade in 10 years, ya know? ;)

    I'd love to have my phone act as a media server to my TV/Roku. Then I wouldn't have to consider adding a dedicated Ubuntu PC running XBMC along side. I don't want my gaming rig doing this 24/7.

    There is just a ton of things people use PC's for that some people don't even think of. The technology in mobile devices today isn't even close to being sufficient for all of it. I'll put my "old" core 2 Quad Q6700, nVidia GTX560OC against a SoC 800 any day for pure computing power. Beyond that, the only reason that equipment is still managing today's PC games at 1080p is because both my CPU and GPU are overclocked, massively in the case of the CPU (2.66GHz to 3.7GHz).
    The Snapdragon is not able to run regular windows programs but that is because it is an ARM CPU and not because it lacks the power, no matter the power it can't run x86 code. Bay trail is significantly more powerful than clover trail and even clover trail which was more in line with the Tegra 3 or Snapdragon S4 was enough to run some more heavy hitting programs but admittedly with some slow downs. One review mentioned doing some simple work in Photoshop on a clover trail hybrid and I certainly had no trouble to get some old games from the beginning of the 2000s to run on mine even if the GPU was the biggest Achilles heel of the Z2760. The current hardware is certainly enough to do some serious work if you can live with that it is not as fast, it is more constrained by lack of RAM and the fact that the more demanding software is compiled for x86. The biggest problem is games, and that is not something that can be solved easily as desktop class gaming is obviously designed for systems with much higher power consumption.
    12-29-2013 05:39 AM
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