1. immortalmatt's Avatar

    According to the camera settings, this takes 16mp and 5mp pics when using the camera. Where do the 16mp pics go as if i go the camera roll, it only shows 1 pic?
    01-12-2014 04:37 AM
  2. indie24's Avatar
    I was about to ask the same! Also the quality doesn't feel great when viewing in camera roll as if there's too much noise. Is the camera roll only showing the 5 mp pictures?

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    01-12-2014 04:53 AM
  3. undulose's Avatar
    You can only view the 5 MP and 16/19 MP images via PC or apps likes HD Viewer. Your phone shows low-res versions of the photos you took.

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    01-12-2014 04:58 AM
  4. Ray Adams's Avatar
    Only a few apps can access high res photos. Like for example Phriz.be. Also when you click link "Open in Nokia Camera" it also shows full res image. HD Viewer also cannot access such images.
    Say thanks to "smart" people in Nokia and MS who decided to close access 8-)
    01-12-2014 06:26 AM
  5. indie24's Avatar
    So the pictures using photos are only 5mp? I have to use a pc so see pics in all their glory..bit strange from MS and Nokia.

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    01-12-2014 10:57 AM
  6. Ray Adams's Avatar
    Yes. The only way to see them, is to use PC. We have to bobm Microsoft with emails to force their to open access for third party applications.
    01-12-2014 12:00 PM
  7. Dos101's Avatar
    Does anyone know which version gets uploaded to Skydrive?
    01-12-2014 02:17 PM
  8. JaiMento's Avatar
    Does anyone know which version gets uploaded to Skydrive?
    5 mp
    01-12-2014 02:23 PM
  9. Brian Richman's Avatar
    For the benefit of the generation that have only ever used Instagram, there are two file formats recorded by the 1520...

    Raw with a file extension of DNG and regular file format, with an extension of JPG.

    The JPG format files (also called JPEG for short) are the ones that are usually the 5MP images.

    Rather than write a long essay here about the differences between the two types of file formats which I'll let you look up on Google or Bing or whatever, for upload to most web sites, 5MP is all you need as no computer display actually shows more than that and sites like Facebook always seem to downsize images to less than about two megapixels anyway, and will not display raw files anyway so there is little point in anything else for you to bother with, unless you are going to produce a 16x20" (or larger) print of everything.

    By the way, always shoot in good light. The grainy (actually it's 'digital noise') and the less than great colors are usual for when there is not enough light and you don't use flash. Set your camera to the default or auto settings if you have any doubt, as messing about with these settings if you don't know what you are doing is an easy way to mess the results up.
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    01-12-2014 07:17 PM
  10. onlysublime's Avatar
    yes, this question was of interest to me.

    So I hook up the Icon to my Windows 8.1 machine. In the Camera Roll folder, there are two copies of the image: the 5 MP (3072x1728) and the 16 MP (5377x3025). The 5 MP image will show a proper thumbnail. the 16 MP image will not. however, I can view the 16 MP image through any viewer.

    And strangely, when you go to Detail Properties, it will show the resolution of the 16 MP image to be 0x0. The viewer or editing software will show the proper resolution (like in Photoshop).

    The picture name will be like WP_20140329_23_28_24_Pro.jpg whereas the 16 MP version will be like WP_20140329_23_28_24_Pro__highres.jpg

    But at least I know I have access to the 16 MP file. And yes, when viewing it on your PC on the desktop, you can barely tell the difference between a 5 MP image and a 16 MP image since most desktops are well below 5 MP. The minor difference is because the 5 MP image was postprocessed from the 16 MP image. I haven't tried printing (don't print pictures any more) but that's where you could see a difference.
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    03-30-2014 02:36 AM
  11. Brian Richman's Avatar
    The 'difference' would be substantial if you tried to print the two types of picture as a large size print (16"x20" or bigger). The 5MP JPG file will probably begin to look crappy at 10"x8" or so but the 16MP raw file won't show the same pixelation or other color blocking problems etc. If you are not printing, then you don't realy need to bother with the raw image.

    My comment earlier in the thread about the "Instagram Generation" was because most people don't print anything and only view on a phone or at the very biggest on a 10" tablet screen. They have generally forgotten that the reason for high megapixel counts is for the ability to crop (cut) out large amounts of the picture and retain enough pixels to keep quality up or to print huge prints. The Nokia 1020 does the cropping thing really well and the 1520 is not too bad at it, but both are much better than anything else in the phone marketplace.
    03-30-2014 10:19 AM
  12. len0808's Avatar
    when i hooked up to my pc, the hi res pics are 5mp, have no clue where the 16mp pics are. i double checked my settings and it was on 5mp/16mp.
    04-04-2014 04:47 PM
  13. drbanks's Avatar
    Open the phone in windows explorer, navigate to the Pictures directory. The HD images are the files with a .DNG extension.
    04-04-2014 06:18 PM

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