1. Lundon44's Avatar
    So I'm not sure about you guys but the first thing I did was crank the visual settings in the game all the way up to full. In case you're not sure what I mean I set the game to the following settings:

    - Visual Effects: Max
    - Resolution: 100%
    - Draw Distance: 100%
    - Shadows: Advanced
    - Car Reflections: Max

    Now if you did what I did you'll notice that the game is definitely not running at a smooth, lag free framerate. I was actually pretty surprised that the Snapdragon 800 can't run this game on max settings cleanly. There's many games in my opinion that look better visually that run at a much better fps. So either this game isn't properly optimized or the Snapdragon isn't powerful enough to run this game cleanly.

    I had to fiddle with the visual settings quite a bit to find a decent balance for visuals and performance and here's where I landed:
    - Visual Effects: High
    - Resolution: 100%
    - Draw Distance: 30%
    - Shadows: Classic
    - Car Reflections: Detailed

    Let me know if anyone finds better results.
    01-28-2014 01:27 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I wonder if it'll run smoother if it gets updated.
    01-28-2014 01:31 AM
  3. Shredcow's Avatar
    Android devices can't run at max settings too - there are several YouTube videos; one showed how a Nexus 5, which runs similar hardware to the 1520, struggling.

    I managed to get good performance with something like this,

    - Visual Effects: Highest
    - Resolution: 70%
    - Draw Distance: 30%
    - Shadows: Classic
    - Car Reflections: Simple (can't rem how it's worded)
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    01-28-2014 01:39 AM
  4. tanglewoodDEV's Avatar
    Maxed settings, running smooth on my 822.
    01-28-2014 02:09 AM
  5. Divjot Singh's Avatar
    GTA even on desktop lagged on bumping up the draw distance , so it's just their legacy code I guess :P
    01-28-2014 03:00 AM
  6. Mark Reed2's Avatar
    Draw distance seems to be the biggest hit for me, so I have it on 50% and shadows to normal.....but the phone should run it np after seeing what other stuff is out there that it can run.
    01-28-2014 09:24 AM
  7. Im_4nthony's Avatar
    What i did was
    traffic mode:light (game options)
    Visual effects:low (because i didnt see a difference with it on)
    draw distance:10%
    Car reflection:max
    This is in my opinion, and it's my device. Its a galaxy s4 and you might be able to bump up the resolution and draw distance, but i like my game to look realistic and idc if a few things pop up in front of me
    02-09-2015 01:35 PM
  8. mjyumping's Avatar
    Is it true that after the last update (11/10/2014) the game is not properly working anymore? I have read in reviews it crashes.
    I want to buy the game but with the recent reviews, I'm having my second thought. My device is Lumia 1320

    02-20-2015 04:10 AM
  9. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    Hi friends, can someone teach me how to change radio stations while cruising around?
    I've been fiddling with it for quite awhile and can't find the radio controls. Thanks
    05-28-2015 04:25 PM

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