1. jbeelby's Avatar
    Hello everybody!

    I just upgraded from my Lumia 920 to a 1520 and I knew it didn't have wireless charging. I figured I could just buy a shell for it, which was no problem. I have AT&T. All my other accessories worked flawlessly with my 920, and it was awesome. I cannot seem to find a qi wireless charging cover for my Lumia 1520. is there anybody who can shed some light on this situation for me?
    04-07-2014 08:18 PM
  2. oditius's Avatar
    There is no Qi cover, there is a PMA cover for it, you would need a charger for it too. Since they sell it separately... This is what I am rocking

    Charging Case - Incipio Nokia Lumia 1520 Ghost Wireless Charging Black Case New | eBay

    Powermat - Powermat Wireless Charging Kits for iPhone 3G 3GS Receiver Case Charging Mat | eBay
    04-07-2014 08:37 PM
  3. jbeelby's Avatar
    Thanks. So If I got this case I wouldn't be able to use my previous charging mats?
    04-07-2014 08:55 PM
  4. mrshamoozoo's Avatar
    nope, gotta get a powermat unfortunately
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    04-07-2014 09:21 PM
  5. jbeelby's Avatar
    Alright, thanks guys. It sucks learning the sad truth :(
    04-08-2014 12:18 AM
  6. mmcpher's Avatar
    Alright, thanks guys. It sucks learning the sad truth :(
    If you're up for it, there is an insane workaround whereby you can do a qi element transplant into your 1520. It gave me nightsweats just thinking about it, but then I'm not exactly as dexterous as a neurosurgeon. Some people on WC are and it apparently works!
    04-08-2014 04:17 PM