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    I purchased the RM-938 version of the 1520 for use on my AT&T account after reading all the good things about it here in this forum. And it is all true. While I liked the 1520 I initially bought from AT&T, this uncompromised version is my favorite phone ever.

    That said, here is an experience I just went through with AT&T. I love the RM-938 so much I wanted to make it my daily driver and not just my personal weekend use phone. That meant getting my work SIM into the device. I work for a big employer with a big AT&T account. Normally, I'd just put my current work phone SIM into the 1520, but the change to Nano SIMs meant that I had to see our IT guys first. They contacted AT&T and ported my work number to the Nano SIM. I installed the new SIM and the phone showed only H or occasionally H+ service. No LTE. I had steady LTE with my personal SIM card in the phone. I contacted IT and IT contacted AT&T. What I was told was that AT&T's system was seeing the IMEI of my phone as a "generic GSM device from an unknown manufacturer" and this would not allow access to LTE service. I don't know if that was bull***t or not, but that it what I was told. I explained it was an unlocked phone. My IT guy even allowed me to directly communicate with our AT&T rep. I explained what the phone is, offered to send her the specs, told her it certainly seemed online that there were more than a few of these phones being sold, and most importantly, it had worked just fine with my personal AT&T SIM.

    She told me she wanted to try adding my "personal IMEI" to my employer account but needed my personal phone number for that. She assured me it would not affect my personal service. I decided to trust her as it seemed the only way the RM-938 could serve as my daily driver. I gave her the number and power cycled the phone and there was the LTE symbol right there on my RM-938 with my employers' SIM card installed. Hooray!

    The AT&T rep told me that it was possible the system would revert to the original IMEI when they do one of their system sweeps. She told me if that happened I would just need to have our IT folks call her again and she could re-change the IMEI for me.

    I don't really know what happened here. I know that IMEI's are attached to the device. I don't have a "personal IMEI." But somehow, AT&T system was seeing my phone as a legitimate device with my personal SIM card installed, and the same device as "unknown" with my employer SIM card. Whatever she did, it worked. And I'm glad she made an effort, because otherwise I was planning to head to a local AT&T store today and be really pissed off. Given the general cluelessness of most employees in those stores, I know that wouldn't have been very productive, but it would have felt good.
    04-18-2014 02:38 PM
  2. snowmutt's Avatar
    Geez, that was the long way around the barn to get the L1520 to rock on your work device. Alarming that you may have to do this a few extra times if they do a "sweep". What if you are on vacation when it happens? Or if someone is on a business trip? I see worst case scenarios galore here...

    But, I am glad you have a good IT department and got a good AT&T rep. AT&T has gotten better at that, though like any large company that needs a near endless supply of reps, it is not anything close to a sure thing.

    Bet that unspoiled 1520 is amazing to use...
    04-18-2014 02:50 PM
  3. JOHN Smith88's Avatar
    I am curious know did you get this issue resolved with ATT and getting LTE know . As once I buy unlocked 1520 from new egg cannt return it ...

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    04-19-2014 09:25 AM
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    John, I shared your concern about not being able to return an expensive device. My original plan was to use only my personal AT&T account SIM card in the device. I had a nano SIM for the phone that had been in the AT&T version of the 1520 that I had and returned. This SIM card worked just fine and I saw LTE service from the moment I turned on the RM-938. I liked using the phone so much, I wanted to use it all the time, not just on the weekends that had been my practice. I wanted to use it at work too. For a week, I even just forwarded my work phone to the RM-938 so I could use it all the time. This was less than satisfactory because when I called someone back, the number they saw was my personal number, not my work number and so didn't realize I had called, as I've never shared my personal number with work colleagues. That is when I contacted our IT department and the process I described in the OP began. The result has been good so far. I have LTE coverage, with an occasional drop to H+, at my home but strong LTE coverage in the areas I work. I don't have an explanation of why AT&T's system was able to see the RM-938 as a Nokia LTE phone with my personal SIM inside, but saw the same phone as a "generic GSM device from an unknown manufacturer" when it had my work SIM in it. As long as it works, I'm happy.
    04-19-2014 12:23 PM
  5. mister2d's Avatar
    It might just be a good idea to use a nano sim cutter instead of buying a new one. This should avoid a situation like this.

    This cutter also comes with an adapter to backwards compatible with your previous phone.
    Amazon.com: QQ-Tech Nano Sim Card Cutter Mini /Standard & Micro to Nano Sim for iPhone 5 iPhone 4, 4S and other Phones + Metal Tray + 2 Sim Adapters + Sand Paper, All in One Pack (In Stock Ready to Ship): Cell Phones & Accessories
    04-19-2014 11:54 PM

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