1. Durahl's Avatar
    While I'm REALLY happy with the phone itself I'm rather frustrated when looking at the available Holsters for this particular phone.

    But let me explain:
    I recently purchased a Case that was meant to be attachable to a belt but it turned out to be a mere Pouch - I was returned my money but that didn't solved my problem.
    Using the pouch I went to a shoe maker and had him attach a loop to it so I'd be able to attach it to my belt but it turned out to be the worst job I've ever come across - Even for the few bucks he asked for in the end.

    So right now I'm considering in getting something 3D printed exactly the way I want it to be - Horizontal design, two Belt Loops, "NOKIA" "LUMIA" "1520" written all over it, black, etc...
    Problem is with the material I have in mind being rather hard so flexing isn't a given and having the phone bounce around inside it neither which brings me to my question:

    Does anyone know where to get an accurate set of blueprints for the Lumia 1520 from that can be used to create a hard-shell type Case?

    Because of the organic design of the phones cross sections I'm pretty much unable to measure it myself making it difficult to create a shell that neatly fits the outside of the phone pretty much enforcing the need of actual blueprints.
    04-19-2014 04:59 PM
  2. henkepalmquist's Avatar
    I dont think you will come across the blueprints mate, that might be hard.
    The best option (blueprints) i think you got is to contact a Chinese factory that makes cases for the 1520 and pay them some money for the blueprints. (illegal and not recommended)

    I have access to some 3D scanners but they are "locked" (linked to a specific program) so they cant be used for this.
    My recommendation is to go to your nearest technical university or equivalent workshop and ask if you can borrow the 3D scanner for 10 min.
    Depending on the result you might not get a valid surface, i would say you need at least +-0.02mm accuracy from the scanning, if I were making i case i would like it to be -0.02mm scan (you will have to edit the surface down -0.02mm), and then +0.02mm (inside and outside) on the printer.

    I would go with a 3D scan, buying accurate blueprints is a hassle.
    04-20-2014 06:10 AM

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